I’m writing the “sermon” part for Maggie and Chris’ wedding on Saturday.

I have a goodly amount of it down, but I keep getting inspiration from other places that I want to include, (namely from the bride and groom to be) and I fear that we will be in the middle of a full blown CAN I GET AN AMEN kind of thing where the Momma’s are pinching kids in that place under your arm that really hurts and refuses to bruise, the men are checking their watches and the bridal party are weaving on their feet, just thiiiiiis close to passing out.

It’s hard to pare it all down. I want to say all of the things! Quote all of the things! Get all of the things into the sermon!

I’ll purge some more then start chopping it down. But I’m into the process enough that it’s really all I can think about. I’m so excited for these two and to get to spend the afternoon/evening around these people that I love so much.

I’m thankful that I started the daily writing again. It really really has helped my brainspace in terms of being able to focus on this task, focus on this process. It is a helpful escape from work and daily issues. And in keeping with my desire for NaBloPoMo, I’ve reached out and started reading other places. I found this today, it’s from a blog that is written by a LTYM producer/director in San Francisco.

Isn’t it lovely? I thought it was just lovely. 

It’s cold here today. Like…20 degrees colder than yesterday. Windchills are making it feel like a whopping 19 out there. I’m going to have another cuppa, snuggle in front of the tv a bit then hit the shower and go learn about Leadership! Networking! Connections! Relationships! 

Let some light in today, ok?

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