I’m really sleepy. Last night was amazing. I have plans to really write about the whole experience, but that will take a minute or two and I’m spending the day cleaning, and working on a Christmas card list and gearing up to go rake leaves and get some fresh air. I’m also trying to get a cold. I woke up sounding like a drag queen, so maybe a nap is in order. All of that to say this:

The wedding was fabulous. Michelle and I kept it together doing our officiating duties. The bride teared up, the father of the bride bargained three bird dogs, two guns and if the first born is a blonde hair blue eye’d girl he’ll take it as a replacement. No one heard him that was in the audience which is a shame because he was hysterical.

I danced with my love last night. Two-stepped dancing. We danced together under the Octopus Puppet at HarvestFest over a year ago, but last night was the first time we really danced. We are both still giggling about it.

Someone remind me that when I get all pinched up about stupid stuff that I have a man in my life who will go to a wedding of 400 people and know maybe three of them, will step in and move the chairs from the congregation to the reception w/o being asked, and who will dance with me effortlessly to some George Strait.

It was a really good night.

Maggie and Chris had fun, too.

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