Christmas Cards

Finally finished our Christmas card photo/order last night and hit approve on the proof this morning. I should have them in a little over a week and I’m pretty excited. I need to get my list of addresses together, which means I’ll probably be sending texts and FB messages asking for them next week. I used to be so organized.

I am no longer that.

Yesterday I worked mostly from home and I was so amazed at how that really could happen. I went into my office for a few hours in the afternoon but for the most part I did a day of self care that included rest, hot tea and soup mixed in with work emails and communications.

Today however, I’ve got an afternoon of meetings, including my very first board meeting as a member of the board for my office. Community Services Building is a non-profit hub that in itself is a non-profit. They ask that two agencies be represented on the board and I’m one of them. I feel so legit. This is exactly the direction I want for my life, becoming more involved in this community, serving and volunteering for more agencies and sitting on boards, this is where I want to be. So I’m thankful today for this opportunity.

Now I have to get up and find something to wear that isn’t sweats.

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