When Hayden aka WonderBoy was little he said Ganks instead of Thanks. My sister and I have kept that. We use it with each other, and with other people. I figure those that don’t know just assumes it’s an autocorrectfail when I text them Ganks!

We got into Taryn’s house last night and had some dinner, and began to prep the food. I made MeMe’s Cherry Coke Salad, and the brine and put the bird to bathe for the night. Taryn did cornbread for the dressing. Mark fell asleep on the couch and we all called it a night.

We got to see Mom and Burl for dinner, they will go to Oklahoma to see Burl’s side of the family for the day then return tomorrow. We will leave Saturday morning, and head back so that we can prep and enjoy PseudoSis’ birthday party! It’s a busy awesome weekend surrounded by family and friends.

Taryn and I will partake in our usual tradition and do some shopping, we both have wish lists for foster kids that we’re going to fill and by taking advantage of the discounts for Black Friday tonight and tomorrow we can probably get EVERYTHING on the list!

So I don’t care for everyone getting all ass up in the air about the shopping thing. I wish it was still on Friday, too but it’s not. Stores that are never ever ever closed on Thanksgiving are…what? OPEN on Thanksgiving? Pffft.

I’m looking forward to having my Sister Tradition and eating delicious bird and spending non-rushed time with my family. We may get a movie in there too!

I give Ganks for this time.

This holiday, more than most, reminds me of Dion and Elizabeth and how much I miss them in my daily lives. We did Thanksgiving sooooo right many moons ago. I carry that in my heart every year. So much fun we had. So so much.

I give Ganks for those memories and for them.

I love reading the Facebook posts of everyone and their celebrations. Whether you choose to spend this in a BIG way or in a really low key way, I hope that you’re doing exactly what you want with exactly who you want.

I give Ganks for you.

It’s time to treat the bird! and the Parade! THE PARADE!

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