The Day We Celebrate The End of NaBloPoMo and the Birth of PseudoSis#1

Oh this holiday, it’s just never quiet or calm no matter what my intentions are.

We spent some nice time with my family in Arkansas. Taryn and I cooked all day Thursday, and then I thought I gave myself food poisoning most of the night and into the next day. Some sort of slight bug, not enough to stop me from doing anything, but enough to make me not want to do all of the things.

No worries, though. We rested, we watched my sister and Bret’s brand shiny new smart tv with awe and a little fear. We traveled back today and just kind of hit the ground running. I had errands to do, Mark got the fire pit ready and loaded and we are headed to OKC to celebrate Pseudo Sis#1’s entry into the 40 and F-Off club. I’ve got chips and salsa out the wazoo, we’ve got food and booze and music and many a friendly face is expected.

I adore this girl. I totally hit the jackpot that day in the salon when she said in the shampoo room, “I think you and I need to be friends.”

Thank GOD she was smart enough to make that connection!

Sisters. Ministers. Friends.
Sisters. Ministers. Friends.

She and I have many similar personality traits, we’ve a low tolerance for bullshit and a high tolerance for cold beer and laughing. We love our families, and our friends and most of the time the line differentiating the two is a very blurry one.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing moments, births of nephews, new jobs, travels and adventures. (She jumped out of a perfectly good plane one time.) We have sought solace with each other during the darker moments, propping each other up when the other lacked the life. We have this ability to just be the most honest, the most bare bones truthful with each other…it’s the most valuable and freeing thing in a friend. In a sister.

I love that she’s 40. She may not love it. She has yet again reinvented herself, made some choices and never looked back. I stand in amazement. I’m excited that she’s 40. Because she has embraced this newfound fierceness, she’s got this life by the balls ya’ll, and she’s doing this pretty awesome cowgirl lasso over the head move with it and I just cannot wait to see where she leads us.

Because, she is a leader. Always has been.

And you can bet your boots I’ll follow her wherever she goes.

So this is how I end my 30 posts in 30 days. With a toast.

I raise a glass Michelle Wynn, to you.

I cannot wait to see what this year brings!



2 thoughts on “The Day We Celebrate The End of NaBloPoMo and the Birth of PseudoSis#1

  1. You are absolutely the best!! I’ve cried every time I have read this. Thank you for everything last night and always. I love you more than my boots.


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