Favorite of Favorites!

We made it to the end of the week, thanktheLAWD!

Yesterday was spent in meetings from 9:30 am until 9:00 pm. Seriously. There wasn’t a moment between any of it. We DID actually squeeze in the office holiday party and ugly Christmas-wear contest/games and silly fun in there but I was so busy trying to organize helping with the event this weekend at Little Axe that I  haven’t really stopped. My brain is buzzing.

Today I meet with the VP of student affairs at USAO to discuss implementing Campus Girl Scouts, I will then go deliver cookie costumes to a volunteer for their Christmas parade, then it’s shop for the event this weekend then it’s the weekbeforeChristmas and we are having a holiday party here for Mark’s work and and and and…

While we’re all well into the crazy of the season I want to mark two significant pieces right here.

Tonight is the Masters graduation at UCO. I’m not participating. I’m not walking across the stage. But officially, I’m graduating tonight.

Today, I’m a Favorite Thing and featured over at Minivan Momma! Go check it out! Heather is totes adorbs. One of my favorite favorites. I love her family and the way she is just so honest in navigating this life. She does it so well.

Under the caveat of Favorite Things: check out my girl Trisha and her Leroy the Elf video. She’s also totes adorbs. Totes McGoats.




These guys? I can’t get enough of watching this commercial. Have some fun this weekend.

One thought on “Favorite of Favorites!

  1. Congratulations on your graduation! I was camping in upstate New York during my Master’s commencement exercises! We all celebrate in our own way! Celebrate!!!


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