Merry Merry Merry Happy Happy Happy

Our first Christmas card photo shoot was fun. We tried for several days to get home from work in time to do this,  before we lost the light and after several failed attempts finally it happened. This was taken with Mark’s cell phone camera attached to a mic stand. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. Next year we’ll use my fancypants machine that I’m so in love with.

Turns out, I’ve loved photography for a long long time. My dad, when seeing my present, said as much…and then I remembered. I remembered Santa bringing me a Cannon Sure Shot one year when I was young. He brought a real camera and real film (because we used film then) and books about photography. I remembered it all. Dad even told me that I used to be pretty good at it, too, that I had a “good eye.” He would know. He paid for a lot of film development.

Apparently I grew up and forgot that I used to like taking pictures. I forgot that Santa brought me a real camera. I forgot that I was good. In all of the noise and the people and the everything…I forgot.

It was a stunning realization. I fancy myself pretty aware and in touch with all the parts that make me who I am. I’m someone who has done some pretty heavy internal inspection. I figured of all the people that knew me, I was at the top of the list.

Go figure.

It took getting to this part of my life, this lovely and hectic and full and impatient and content and delicious and sometimes quiet life, that I remembered 9 year old Misti and her love of photos.

From our house to yours, today and tomorrow, I wish for you to be surrounded by things that you love, that bring you joy.

Perhaps even a memory of who you used to be.


With Love,

Misti, Mark, Stormy and Sammy

20131119_173318_LLS 20131119_173420_LLS 20131119_174103_LLS ChristmasCard

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