Going to sleep on Sunday is, for me, not a thing of solace, but an act full of looming. This week’s schedule is packed, I’ll be traveling to each county of my district, putting out fires, sending forth support, helping to organize and lead. My last thoughts are usually of those things I didn’t get finished, that need to be started, both here at home or at work.

My list for home consists of:

Listen To Your Mother work: we are still gathering submissions and issuing audition spots. I’ve bene working on finding hyper-local sponsorships so that we can fund this thing. So far I’ve had more no-thank-you’s than yes-we-would-love-to’s and that’s just part of it.

Blog work: I’m still waiting on the final pieces of info so that I can take over the running of my blog. I need my sign on info and a few other pieces and then I can move it, be self-sustainging and not indebted to a third party for it.

House: I swear that middle room mocks me. I need for it to be settled. Hopefully the weather will turn, will help us out and be conducive to some indoor/outdoor organizing. Hopefully. Soon.

Work: I’ve got to get into some afterschool programs in the Moore area to deliver programming. I’ve got phone calls in, and will follow up this week. I wish this had been in place about a month ago. . . The learning curve is steep. I’ll do better next time.

Like all the weeks, this one will zoom by in a flash. Hopefully with a little organization, I can look back on it as one that got it’s butt kicked by me.


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