Happy Valentine’s Day, he said.

The Queen of the Manor...on Sammy's throne.
The Queen of the Manor…on Sammy’s throne.

After Mark and I had been together…mmmm…maybe a few months, maybe more because time became one giant blur back then, he said one night “Someday we will get a dog.”

I’ve always known that I wanted another dog. It’s been years since Shelby Kate, and he lost his Sidney about a month before he and I met. So that wasn’t a surprise, we both knew it was an inevitable thing.

Back a few weeks ago he said something about it again, and that’s when I hit send on the corgi rescue application I’d been sitting on. I just wanted to make sure that when our dog came along, we would already have been vetted, have gone through the process and wouldn’t have to wait.

This past Tuesday the woman from the rescue sent me an email with an attached Craigslist ad that said:

Free Corgi. 

I swooped down on that like it was a plate of nachos from Cousin’s Bar and Grill at the end of a long day.

I began texting with the woman who owned the dog and got photos and found out some basic facts.

Appears to be a full blood Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Female;  about 14 or 15 months old; spayed; house broken; gentle spirit; up to date shots.

Loves the outside, walks and running.

The lady got her from an elderly couple. (I would surmise they got her from a breeder and then realized that a corgi isn’t a low energy animal and passed her on to our woman) Our lady lived in an apartment, cramped space, she works long hours and has a small child who was often overpowered by the corgi energetic spirit.

She sent me photos and I sent them to Mark and we made a plan to meet her in Stillwater today.

Then my aunt passed away yesterday morning. I spent several hours working with other family members on how to get my 80someoddyearold grandmother to her sisters funeral in Louisiana. I wanted to go. I wanted to see my cousins. I wanted to help. I looked at flights, and at drive time and at my work schedule next week. At about 11 am today I had to throw in the towel. Just couldn’t get it all done and get to Louisiana by visitation tomorrow night. My uncle (who is a saint) took over the reigns.

This whole past week was chock full of crazy. Long 14 hour days at work, stresses on every level and more than once I turned to Mark and said, “be honest with me about how you feel about this. Are we making a mistake? Should I cancel?”

He’s the one, on Thursday night when I was at my most stressed and tearful, that said, “Let’s go meet the dog.”

As we pulled up today, we saw her. We saw the lady and the corgi and we said hello and then the corgi smiled the biggest smile and gave me the biggest kiss and then turned to Mark and kissed him all over too. We asked a few more questions, and at one point not long into the meet & greet I looked at Mark and he just nodded his head.

I promised our lady that we would give her a good home and she handed us the pink leash and we turned towards our car.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said.

Our car ride was just fine. She is a great traveling dog, she’s a good size, bright eyed and good attitude.

Winifred “Winnie” McClellan has had a few run in’s with the cats. The are of the mindset that this garish nightmare must surely be over soon because this is some shit up with which they will not put.

We’ve got some adjusting to do.

She’s a delight.

And the best Valentine’s Day present I’ve ever had.

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, he said.

  1. We so loved our corgi that we had last summer. Probably the best dog I ever had. May you two and Winnie have many good travels.


  2. Congratulations on letting Winnie grab your heart this Valentine’s Day; so much love to give and kisses from a Corgi on heart day! We look forward to hearing about your adventures…the cats will adjust and Winnie is just beautiful!
    So sorry about the loss of your aunt.


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