Woah Monday Woah!

How did Monday get here so fast?

Anyone else feel weekend whiplash?

I swear it was just five minutes ago that I got home on Friday.


We had a gorgeous day yesterday, the first day of DST. Longer hours of sunlight, hell we had actual SUNLIGHT. Mark and I took Winnie for about a 2 mile walk, we went to the Duck Pond for the first time. It was fabulous.

I personally needed it. Renewal of spirit, watching my dog just smile and enjoy the new smells. SIDEBAR: apparently goose and duck poo isn’t nearly as tasty as cat poo. Go figure.

Yesterday’s first LTYM:OKC cast gathering was so awesome. The first time is always tentative, getting to know the real faces from Facebook, wondering about our stories, getting that initial dose of everyone else’s “Holycrapwhatarewedoinghere” vibe. It was all good. Our 2013 alumnae came too, fostering conversation and excitement and helping support. I wrote about it on our LTYM blog last night. The best part? The photos that Sheradee took of the day.

I’m so excited for Amy and Sheradee to be able to shoot/video this process. We are going to look back on this year and have the most beautiful evidence.

I’m gulping coffee, feeding livestock, blowing my nose. Ya’ll go over and check out our LTYM blog and Sheradee’s photo. 

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