Put Some Beans Into It!

That’s one of my favorite lines of one of this year’s LTYM stories.

Ya’ll, the show was amazing. The cast was flawless, and funny, and vulnerable, and open with their telling of their stories. The audience was engaged, and open and received each story as if it were a newborn baby, caring for it with the most precious sense of grace and awe. The combination of the energy from the stage and the audience was euphoric.

Everything was wonderful.

Thank you.

Our cause, ReMerge left the theatre that day with an amazing day of show donation and supplies. We are working on post show book keeping and I’ll announce our final total contribution soon.

I’m jumping right back into the fire and working fervherently this week on two major major major events for work. One is a community wide day of fun that is happening this Saturday and the other is a full day of teaching our GS anti-bullying programming to a school on Monday. This week is for those things. In addition to managing volunteer issues and daily chores.

We still haven’t had more than a grilled cheese sandwich in terms of home cooking in this house in over two weeks. I work tonight, but have high hopes for Wednesday!

So I’m gulping coffee, trying to shake off the LTYM hangover and dive back into the work week. I’m going to put some beans into it…and carry these stories with my every single second.

Here’s a link to our photos! Look at the beauty! Every print ordered? Sheradee is donating the proceeds to ReMere. How great is that?



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