Back Again

I’ve had owned this blog for awhile now. Back before we went to Pagosa Springs we began the transfer, and then finished it after we got back. I’ve thought about writing, actually worked up some posts in my head but every time there has been a spare second to even begin the work, something else took precedence.

August and September were chock full of work. work. and more work. It’s been a 6 day a week, 12 or more hours a day gig since August and it has been exhausting and mentally draining. Mark’s life has been all Depot all the time. Closing one concert series and starting another, new ticketing system, new board members, new processes. It’s a lot. d We’ve attempted to throw in some house organization, garage sale/donation of stuff. It has been a whirlwind…complete with whiplash.

I feel like today for the first time, I can catch my breath.

The work has been bookended by major events and trips.

I rappelled off of a 16 story building in August.

We went to Santa Fe/Pagosa Springs the end of August.

This weekend was my 25th high school reunion.

And, sure, we head back to Harvest Fest in two weeks for our final vacation of the year but that brings zero stress to me.

Today I feel like I can breath and it’s been quite a while since I’ve felt that way.

We have zero things that must be done today. I’m still in my sweats and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’ve a roast in the crock pot and have made some half hearted attempts to pick up the firtch around the house. There have been catnaps and peanut butter sandwiches mixed in with some Facebooking. And really, that’s fine by me.

And I’m here. Writing again.

I’ll call this a pretty successful Sunday.


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