We Fancy

We’re 8 days out from the wedding and Mark is in KCMO at the Folk Alliance International..which is really just a fancy name for a big gathering of artists/producers who are looking for work/talent to book for gigs. He’s having an amazing time, has already made great networking connections and had a conversation with Kenneth from Milk Carton Kids about doing a show at The Depot.

My day yesterday was a busy one that included heels, lycra, pearls and Cheryl Strayed author of the acclaimed book “Wild” which is currently in theatres starring Reese Whitherspoon.

It was our Juliette Low Leadership Society luncheon. This is an annual fundraiser to raise money to support girls in their Girl Scout Leadership Experience. There’s always a fancy speaker, last year was Joan Lunden, previously we had the Bush twins, Lisa Ling. It’s kind of a big deal you see.

The week after our wedding, Mark and I will have dinner with Neil Gaimen, before attending his lecture in a symposium series at my alma mater. I’m sure I got the invite because I’m a member of the Alumni Board of Directors. I don’t care, it’s pretty freakin amazing.

Mark and I laughed tonight when he called because OHMYGAHLOOKHOWFANCYWEARE!!!!!

He gets home Sunday. He will spend his birthday (Saturday) doing the things he loves and I will be intrenched in the first USAO board retreat/meeting that begins at 3pm today.


Everyone I talk to asks me about next week.

Are you ready? Are you nervous? Did you register anywhere? Do you have a lot more to do? Is it going ok?

The thing is…I’m SO ready. SQUEEE! I’m not nervous at all and the things left to do are miniscule. They will get finished and all will be well. Minor pieces like mani/pedi, stocking the house with foodstuffs, beverages and toilet paper for the cousins, making sure people are picked up at the airport, putting the flower arrangements together, building my bouquet, getting organized with Sheradee for photos, etc. Things that will all get worked out. It seems like a lot, but I have no fears.

The alleged “snomageddon” that all the weather sites are predicting can suck it. I’m not even with that yet. I just want for people to be able to get here. I’d say 90% of my people are traveling. SO I’m just praying for that piece. Snow is fine. Snow is beautiful. I just don’t want travel issues.

This week has been nutty, and it’s not over yet. The weekend Board retreat/meeting will take a huge chunk of time…but I miss Mark being in the house with me. And I can’t wait until he gets home and we can be married.

8 days ya’ll.

8 days until we are Mr & Mrs Fancy.


PS: For those asking about registration we did something here:




2 thoughts on “We Fancy

  1. Peace and joy to you. May the weather cooperate. May everything fall into place. And from experience and in the words of Mr. Henslow, “Strangely enough, it all turns out well.” Weddings are like theatre. It is a mystery, but it all works out. Two hours before I got married at home and 200 guests arrived, there was a hot water heater on the porch because my dad had decided to redo plumbing the day before. Surprisingly, even that worked out. It will be glorious.


  2. I knew that festival was happening and still forgot all about it. I hope he’s having a lovely time up here and enjoying the snow with us. Can’t wait to squeeze necks and share in the joy of it all next weekend!


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