The Curious Thing

Yesterday Trish and I took off for a mini road trop to Tulsa and caught a show at Cains.

There was a time when this was actually the norm for us, but since she moved back from Florida, our lives aren’t as conducive to a Monday night out as they used to be.

When she asked me if I could manage it, my first instinct was to say, “Absolutely not. No way. Impossible. It’s a Monday night. It’s in Tulsa. Nope.”

I’m so glad I got past those initial reactions and thought it through. The timing was right for some flex time at work since I was there all day Saturday. We hadn’t had a little trip up the turnpike in eons. It was a show I was excited to see.

Oh hell yes, why not!

Saying YES used to come easier for me. I had nothing to be responsible for really. I made my own work schedule. I had animals who came and went on their own. Hop in the car and go at a moments notice? SURE. No problem!

These days though, the jobs aren’t quite as flex, there are other people to consider in my life, and as we are all want to do…we just say no. We get into our routines (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can become the *only thing)

We quit saying YES to the curiosity of life.

I’ve been listening to some podcasts lately, doing some soul-work of my own and one of the connecting threads that is jumping out at me is Curiosity. It’s coming at all angles. From the comedic episodes, to the straight up interviews, to the deeper, creativity fueled eps the word Curiosity is the anchor.

Since our wedding my motto has been “say NO to everything but happy hour and camping”

And I stand by that. The first of the year was a manic time for both of us and we just needed some time to be. We didn’t socialize much, we holed up in the house and rested. The issue with that is it can stick. Home. Dinner. Couch. Tv/read. Bed.

I’m not curious about any of those things. I’m ready to feed my Curiosity.

Sometimes you just need a car, a full tank of gas and a best good friend to shake things up.

Cheers to all of those things.

Cheers to shaking up the routine a bit this week.

Cheers to being curious.

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