Get Ready To Rock.

I’ve been waiting for what I deemed the perfect time to start writing here again.

It makes sense, what with the tumult that we are all living in. Watching the vitriol play out between friends, between family members on social media. Watching, shaking our heads wondering “How could they THINK THAT?” Watching and holding our broken hearts wondering, “How will we ever heal?”

And I too am broken, and shocked and painfully aware of our differences more than our connections these days.

But I’m not diving into that muck and mire. My husband and I discuss, my friends and I have conversations face to face. I’m not putting any of that here.

For now.

What I’m here to talk about is what is happening in my life at present.

I’m sitting at my dining room table, sipping our second pot of coffee, working on my Self Esteem Workshop I’ll be presenting on Tuesday, and reminding myself every time my brain goes into Weekend Mourning Mode that I’m OFF NEXT WEEK and not only am I not at work but I get to surround myself with women whose only focus is to empower girls through music, through conversation, through connection. We have the opportunity to spend time with girls, 50 of them, everyday this next week and tell them that they are amazing. We get to tell them that it gets better. We get to show them the beauty of a community. And I promise you this friends, my soul needs this week more than it needs a week in the mountains.

The Rock & Roll Camp for Girls OKC began last year and my best good Holly and I nosed our way in after  Carter Sampson played a house concert here at Casa McClellan.  Carter is beyond awesome. Don’t know her? Go here. Listen. Enjoy the wonder.  She is the founder and has accrued a phenomenal group of women, board members, supporters and together they have raised the flag and we are launching year two tomorrow. But back to last year. Holly and I led an anti-bullying workshop for half a day last year and we both left saying, “next year, I’m all in.” Once applications were open for volunteers (I may or may not have had that date set on my Outlook calendar) we both sent in our info and waited with bated breath.

That time is now. We have both taken the week off, using our vacation time at work, and we get to spend the week basking in the glory of girl power. I’m looking forward to meeting my co-rockers, making new friends and soaking up the love. I think the world needs not only to know that we have strong awesome girls that are growing into strong awesome women, but that the power of art and music and connection is far greater than a passive-aggressive facebook meme.

I know I could use a little healing right now, so I thought you might as well.

I’ll be writing throughout the week, and I encourage you if you are local to buy tickets, support this organization and come to our concert on Saturday. It’s going to be amazing. grc

Girls Rock.



3 thoughts on “Get Ready To Rock.

  1. Im so excited for you too!! I promise you will have even a better time than the girls. We determined that women weeping was a most beautiful site. I head the volunteers so I’ll see you shortly! And remember. …YOU ARE AWSOME! !!!!


  2. Sister! Thank you.
    We are beyond stoked to have you gals full on this week. We are all grateful for this opportunity, but especially ESPECIALLY now. Right now in the face of all of this. Thank you so much.


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