I Get It Now

It was said more than once last week: The volunteers get just as much, if not more out of this week than the campers do.

I believe it.

It’s been a few days since the lights dimmed and the equipment was stored and we all said “See ya real soon!” and in the moments between the moments that were chock full of “holyhell I need to ________” came the idea of how amazing it really is to give back.

I wasn’t raised in a culture of volunteering, per se.

My parents were educators. They worked day in and day out just to make ends meet so that I could have all the voice lessons and dance lessons and dramatics that we could manage. So this wasn’t something I was raised to actively seek out. I quit Girl Scouts early on. I was involved in church, but there wasn’t any outreach involved in my youth group. (or maybe there was and I didn’t participate, I can’t remember)

But I have always had the want and the desire to help, to give. It’s the nurturer in me.

Mark and I have these conversations all the time. He has volunteered all of his life. He spent years at the Science Museum, guiding, cleaning, fixing things here and there. He was a Big Brother at one point and worked with kids in another recovery group.

I love this about him. It is this spot that he and I crossover. We have the same outlook for our life.

Last week, my first consecutive Monday-Friday I’ve ever taken off work at GS (I parse out my pto as much as possible, and this time I just said, SORRY NOT SORRY!) not once did I mourn the loss of vacation time.

It. Felt. Good.

It does, doesn’t it?

It feels good to think about something other than yourself for some consecutive hours. It feels good to worry about a project bigger than your  work problems, hangover problems, relationship problems.

When the lens turns and focuses on what you can do to create change in another life it gives not only perspective, but fuels another piece that personally I haven’t had fired up in awhile.

It feels really good, ya’ll.

You know what else feels good?

Seeing a completely different world on my social media. I have over 20 new friends, IRL and online and being able to see what they think about life, how they reflect that in that space is just so refreshing.

My world grew bigger.

My heart grew fuller.

I have a passion for empowering girls. I have a passion for supporting women. I have a passion for spreading joy and kindness.

What’s your passion?

3 thoughts on “I Get It Now

  1. It’s clear to all who know and love you that this would come very naturally for you. And I love how much of a soaker-upper you are. All the good. All the positive. All the love and goodwill and laughs…slurp. You’re a slurper Misti!


  2. I always felt that this was why working for the Girl Scouts was a job meant for you. I know it is work and I know it’s a job job, but it’s a good one. It’s the kind of job that will lead you to some amazing volunteer opportunities. You’re a good person.


  3. I think working with kids is an especially rewarding way to volunteer. We adults can soak up some of that energy, spontaneity, and freedom that kids still have. And as a parent, I can tell you that volunteers make a huge a difference to kids.


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