Soak It UP

I’ve been thinking about the usual end of year, new year things the last few days. Thinking about the year that we just closed out, the good the bad and the presidential. Thinking about the changes that came about for many of my family peoples. Thinking about those moments during the year where I thought the camel’s back would break.

The usual contemplation.

For Mark and I, it was a year of travel. We managed between the two of us, either together or solo, to do at least one major trip a month- 11 out of the past 12 months. We just got home from ringing in the new year in The Woodlands, with Toni & Patrick & Buster in their gorgeous new home. This is what we want out of our life. To pack up and go. To hook up the trailer and wake up in a forest surrounded by trees. To experience this life together.

We will have travel this year, but not as much. This year is for prepping to launch. To save, to plan. . . perhaps to leap. But anyway, I digress.

Coming home, I saw the most glorious, graceful sunset, noticed that if only but by a few minutes the days are starting to get longer, and it kind of startled me out of the contemplation mode.

My brain had been going a mile a minute, thinking about the new year, about starting back to work, about moving to Colorado and wondering where we will be this time next year. It shook me out and I savored the moment.

Slowly wrapping my brain around the here and now, and the intention behind it, behind wanting to commit the moment to memory.

The weekend had been glorious. There was no stress. Nothing but relaxing and soaking up time together. Savoring each other. Slowly soaking in the moments before the year takes hold.

I always get so crazy this time of year with all of the LOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR ads. My brain goes bonkers and it’s just ugly. But that lovely post on FB by Anne Lamont kind of gave me the things I needed this year to move forward with intention.

My goals for the year are pretty simple. Get my passport. I’m going to spend more time looking at pretty pictures on Instagram than looking at the petty on FB. I’m going to be conscious about money and saving it. I’m going to be aware of what I need and make the clear choice to savor those moments– to roll around in them, slowly soaking up the grace and the good of the day.

Julie gifted me with a Favorite Moment of the Day journal. It’s the most wonderful thing. Because I’m not obligated to write a long entry, or reveal my soul and find revelations. It’s just…my favorite moment of the day.

Inadvertently, it’s helped with the enjoying, slowly savoring the moment. Because at the end of the day, I rummage through the memories and write one or two down. It’s lovely.

Holly gifted me with a MyIntent bracelet…my word is Colorado.

I feel like I’m set.

Savor. Cherish. Soak It Up.

2 thoughts on “Soak It UP

  1. I both love and hate the idea of you moving to CO – though we never manage a visit, at least it is feasible . . . But mostly I love it. I love the idea of making a conscious choice and directing where you life will take the two of you, love the focus on the important and beautiful and not the petty. Happy New Year.


  2. Misti…loved this post!!! All I wanted to say after I read it is “Take me with you!”
    I am sooo excited for you and your next adventure!!!


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