Weekends are for Loving

It’s been a few days since I delete my FB off of my phone. I think a lot of people read that as I was off of FB altogether…

“I was off of FB” –get it? am I the only one that does that when someone says altogether?

Alas, no. I’m still on it. But wanted to limit my time spent by removing it from my phone, that thing which I have with me at all times. So far so good. I notice, like I did when I gave up FB for Lent that one year, how many times I automatically reach for my device to check in, to look at it while at a red light, when I wake up in the middle of the night. That part is easing. And it feels good. Sticking with it.

Also sticking with Dry January, which I’ve done and usually do at the beginning of the year. I’ve seen many people talk about it, counting the days. I wonder if it’s a huge struggle for them? It’s not for me, other than habit. Socializing. That thing you do on a snow day. l like seeing all the steps everyone is taking to feel good about themselves this year. I really like it.

Yesterday was near perfect in that I got to officiate the wedding of Brandon and Aron. What an honor, and to be able to declare them legally married in Oklahoma is just never ever going to do anything but make me weepy. This year I get to participate in three more (that I know of) weddings and they are people I love and adore. Man, it just is the best soul food, being able to participate in the most special day for these people. Love Wins.

Mark and I had a fun little date night afterwards, we saw Hidden Figures. It was beautiful. Old fashioned story-telling. A real movie that told a real story and had the theatre clapping and had most of us smiling through tears. Run don’t walk to this one yall…

My new year is progressing nicely. I feel in control of most things. I’m ready to purge the closets and do some downsizing. We’ve had some real conversations about what it looks like for us, this next chapter, and how we are going to get there. Next weekend  is a 4 day for me. I’ll use the vacation time I’ve got to burn and put some of those plans in action.

My house chores are mostly done for the weekend, meals are prepped or in the process of. I’ve got sweet potatoes in the crock pot baking for lunches, bagged up sweet peppers and carrots for munching, meals planned for evening and mostly what’s left is digging into one of my new books I got this weekend!

I love that this little entry is just a slice of an absolutely normal, quietlife weekend for us.

Huzzuah for books and snacks and perchance a nap in my future!

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