Free Brain Space

I’ve been making a conscious effort this year to spend less time taking in the opinions of the world via social media, and putting more energy into gratitude, being mindful of the time I’m spending in conversation with my husband and friends and just generally staying away from the yuk.

I removed all FB apps from my phone, which is working great. Especially when I’m in a waiting situation, like the line at the grocery store, or at the salon. I disconnected my Twitter and IG feed from FB and enjoy time on those platforms independent from FB.

Because pretty pictures of my sweet #SybilWoJo and #Jamapalooza and #ZooBabies are way better for my soul than anything anyone is posting on Facebook. Because 140 characters is enough for me to ingest.

It’s working. I feel lighter. I’m having less arguments with family and friends and acquaintances in my head. There is less toxic and more of the good in my particularly crazy brain.

I’m calling it a win.

We’ve continued going to St. John’s here in Norman on Sunday morning. We have had some really great conversations about the time we’re spending, how we feel about it, what it means to us and our lives. It has been many many years since I’ve been a churchgoer. So these are baby steps. But we are really enjoying what this time we spend weekly is adding to our lives.

Mark will have his 35th work anniversary this year. We look forward to the day that we can retire, and move to Colorado and begin a new adventure there. He’s sent off for actual retirement information, and once we have that we will being real conversations about real dates. I’m giddy about it. And scared. But not so scared that I wouldn’t do it.

Leap and the net will appear.

I want to begin writing here on a more regular basis. There are books to read. Shows to see. Life to be lived. That moment a day journal I started? I made it like two weeks and then dropped off. I should pick that up again. And that’s cool, right?

The politics and the state of our world right now is just doing its best to level me. A lot of us I think. But I’m holding on to joy.

Savoring the moments.



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