Bits and Pieces

This is my sister’s new car. Toyota FJ, in silver. They get it tomorrow and am DYING to see it. I love these things. I think they look like MiniCooper’s on steroids. Glad for them…something fun to focus on.

Not like we’re lacking for any of that this weekend.
Wonderboy turns 5, as I mentioned earlier in the week. All are gathering in Arkansas for the festival. It’s an Army Birthday, complete with battlefield cake, camo cups and who knows what kind of party favors??? He loves his army. I got him some cute t-shirts that are camo and say Army. One is camo with the Superman sign on it. He’s way into Superman, and Star Wars.

Maybe he IS my kid.

Think not? Listen to this…Mom takes him to get his shots for Kindergarten. This was yesterday. Apparently they’ve been working on this for a month or so, prepping him as best as can be done. “THEY” give him the shots in his leg (FREAKING OUCH!) and he melts down.


Mom says, you only have to do this now, and then you won’t have to do it again till you’re 12. (smoothe move exlax…at this point i’d just be a big fat liar)

To which he replys “I’LL JUST DIE WHEN I’M 12. AND 12 COMES SO FAST, SEE??? 123456789101112. 12!!!! I’LL DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

had to have his bath standing up because it hurts to bend the leg, and is gimping around the house…when he remembers it!


Plus I have a hotel room this time, so that will be much better on my psyche.

on to other news.

Just had to practically climb the big elm tree in my back yard…..Charlotte decided to climb a bit tonight. The getting down is rough…oy vey. These cats.

The NYC trip is still in infant stages. I’m getting wierd vibes from one girl who is just so freakin needy she wears on me. But I’m sorry. I”m not taking 3 plus me and saying to Reno or Kizz, “here we are!!!” too many people. I told one girl and that’s the cut off. If only one other girl goes, then fine. But two more and they can share a room somewhere. Annoyed. I looked at flights today, they’re all about the same.

Both OU and OSU won games in the Big Twelve today. GO GO GO.

We Spring Forward this weekend. I LOVE the long days…having some light into the evening…lovelovelove it.

I can’t think of much more…thanks for the NYC must see’s. I think I did an ok time this last time I was “hosting” it was the time before that I peed on the party. flop.

I want a car ipod listener thingy for my 4 hour road trip tomorrow….hmmmm. may have to check into that. I had one at one time, borrowed from Joe Banks, and it just fell apart. which sucks because I need to replace his, not buy myself one…guilt.

Got some cute stuff at the Target tonight…loving the shoes.

Bits and Piece out.
Huzzah to you.

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. How many activity points do you get for rescuing a cat from a tree?I love the drama in the little ones. Love the provisional gimping. “I WILL DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!”


  2. I dont know but for the birthday party we’re going to Pump It Up. A whole buliding filled with moonwalk things to jump around in and on. THAT will burn off some cake!! Drama….they swear he’s my kid but I think it’s in all of them. Sometimes it trickles out when they grow up, sometimes it doesn’t!


  3. Ah, hell. In the shower this morning I was thinking that I should go to target tomorrow for the big toiletries/groceries cheaper-than-in-my-neighborhood shopping trip, but then I thought, “no, because you will buy shoes.” Now, I’m definately going…for the shoes. Toothpaste and tampons, be damned.


  4. Toothpaste and Tampons Be Damned should be the first title on YOUR BLOG…hint hint hint. I cannot wear the hooker heels, but they are pretty. They freakin hurt though. I am finding the wedges are fab and I can work in them. Also got into some pants that were NOT IN THE WOMEN”S SECTION!!! Just a normal 18. they’re a titch snug, but will be fine once i get some exercise at the PumpitPumpitPumppump it up. huzzah.


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