Just Your Average Friday Night

As I said in previous posts, I left for my sis’s house in Arkansas after work on Friday. Got off a bit early, went home, unloaded the dirty crock pot from the days potluck, fed the cats, accidentally let some cats out, retrieved the cats, packed some clothes and birthday presents and got in the car. I had quite a bit of gas, so I figured on stopping in Tulsa and filling up.

I hit the road.

The first thing I forgot was my phone charger. I knew I didn’t have a car charger, but usually take the home/wall one with me. Flop. But oh well, had not used the phone during the day very much, so whatever. I’ll buy one when I get there.

I get on the turnpike, and call up my best good fried Reno and we commence to chat. And chat we did. My ear started hurting from the earpiece we talked so much. We covered family, and food, and relationships, and past travels and everything in between. It was delicious to have that time together. Rare stuff. But in the middle of our conversation, I hit traffic. Bumper to freakin ass bumper. For a long time. That’s ok. I liked the break for awhile…

In the middle of our conversation I say…”uhhh, Reno…I think smoke is coming up out of the hood of my car…”
Then my water/coolant light comes on. FUCK.
By this time, almost 30 minutes or more of the bumper to bumper, we get out of it. I speed up a bit, and my thermometer skyrockets to red and the ding ding ding starts. I pull over and sign off with Reno. I call Phil and freak out just as I’m about to finish, my phone ding ding dings to me that MY BATTERY IS OUT.

I’m on the phone with triple a. Give them all my info, sans any kind of mile marker. I know I was just a mile or two outside of Tulsa and as soon as you get into Tulsa there is a QT, and many truck stops and civilization. So. I just need a tow into there. Well, she takes my info and then says to me, you expired October of 07. FUCK. SWITCH ME OVER!! HERE’S MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER RIGHT NOW AND BY THE WAY MY PHONE IS DYING!!! I go to HOLD for thirty hours and then another voice comes on and takes my c/c info and we’re good. But she can’t take my info and cannot transfer me. I have to CALL BACK. So. FUCK. I call back. She’s freaking out, I’m freaking out…but she says she’s sending someone.

Meanwhile…the traffic is Nil. I think, I’m going to try this. I start the car and have on my hazards and drive on the shoulder into Tulsa right into the QT where I proceed to almost freak out of my mind.

I am shaking. Actually physically shaking. I go inside, pee, buy antifreeze/coolant and go out to my car and pop the hood. A truck with two twentysomething guys pull up and the driver says “do you have any idea what you’re doing?” I had no strength to argue his sexist remark, because in fact at that moment, it was debatable if I did or not. So he helps me, removes the cap with a tee shirt from his truck and I pour the coolant in. He checks under my car to see if it’s pouring out, it’s not. I poured an entire thing of antifreeze and half a thing of water into the reservoir. BONE DRY. FUCK. So I’m in my car and start it to check it and another guy with nice chocolate skin taps the glass and asks if I got it ok. I get out, and ask if he knows where they sell car chargers. Did I check inside? hell no. So we went inside and he helped me pilfer thru the packages and read the minuscule writing on the back and figure out what kind of phone I had and VOILA! I have a charger for the phone. Thank you so much. I pay for it and go out and plug in my phone and call Phil…but wait…there’s a note on my windshield…

“you sure are cute if you’re not taken. 555-5555”


I pull over to fill up with gas, go in to prepay, hand the girl 25 bucks and get back to my car and he’s on the other side. Yes, I am taken, and thank you for being so kind. My husband would appreciate it. He smiles and bids me adieu. Thank goodness. SO, I fill up, drive back over to go get the 7 bucks I overpaid, the phone rings and its my bonus mom who’s waiting on me in the hotel in Arkansas. I fill her in, click over to the other line and chat with Phil and decide to just take a room in Tulsa for the night and start fresh in the a.m. Fill BonusMom in on the details and sign off. I proceed BACK inside the QT and buy a six pack of Coors Light Tallboys and pay for it and leave. WITHOUT getting my money that I overpaid for the gas. good honk.

I find a RedRoofInn and settle in for a cold beer and some sleep.

hang with me people…it’s a long one but well worth the surprise ending…

So, this morning I get up at 5am, fill more water into the car, drive around Tulsa for about 20 minutes and nothing seems wrong with the car. I stop again for gas, coffee and extra coolant/water and hit the road. IMMEDIATELY, I’m driving in fog so think it’s pea soup. No visibility. flop. BUT, I make it to the hotel, get showered and we hit the Wonderboy’s birthday. PumpItUp was hysterical fun. I bounced so much on the giant moonwalk that I bounced a little pee right out…

My family is crazy with worry about this car. My dad makes some really great offers regarding the rest of my student loan that I will get paid off in November, and after about an hours worth of talk, an hours worth of online shopping, several phone calls, a drive to Fayetteville, two or more hours there…I drove home in this:
Only mine is red.
It’s brand new. A 2007 Toyota Highlander. I’ve never had a brand new car before. I’ll post pics of my actual car when I get home sometime tomorrow. . .

Holy crap people.

So much stress and excitement, it will be a MIRACLE if I don’t look like a leaper from the fever blisters. Am taking preemptive meds but one never knows!

I’m exhausted, and you probably are too after reading all of this…I’ll be back tomorrow or Monday sometime.

Huzzah to you!

6 thoughts on “Just Your Average Friday Night

  1. Oh, cheese and muthertruckin rice! Sounds like something that would happen to me without the happy new car ending. Had a similar ordeal last summer which culminated in a new radiator (courtesy of a bonus that was never meant to be) and Gertrude savin’ my ass from sleeping in the Cimmaron Pottery parking lot after not taking my charger and blowing a Die Hard size hole in my radiator on an out of the area code service gig. Good Times.Huzzah and Halakaleem on the adventure!


  2. Oh my god sister. This is why they send us off to tour in groups of 2 or 3. We can spread the stress out. I am so sorry. Yeesh!Glad that you’re OK and WOWEE, new car?!?! for realz?!?!? Cool.


  3. All’s I have to say is I can finally quit feeling guilty about that fraggin’ rip on the back right door interior vinyl that I did with my piano and luggage cause it ain’t there no more!! At least not in your possesion. Congrats on new car.


  4. Yes, Chrome, bless that and LET IT GO!! bygones and water under the bridge….and THIS car has SO MUCH ROOM you can haul five pianos if we need to!!!!


  5. Who needs a trailor… You have a brand new Toyota Highlander and its bright red. Glad your okay. Call me next time. I will be triple A and come and get you. Holy crap sister. What good is a mechanically inclined friend if you don’t use her! Can’t wait to see it! Again with glad you are okay.


  6. Would have gladly called ANYONE if I’d have had a FREAKING PHONE CHARGER!!! oy vey. By the time I got into Tulsa, I had a plan and it was cooliehighharmoney. Made for a great story, and I didn’t miss the birthday party!!


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