Lawn Yawn

I put out an entire bag of Scott’s Turf Feed stuff on my front yard two days ago. Now, it says that you should put it down on an already wet lawn, and not to put it down within 24 hours of rain. It’s been a little hit or miss here this week because this was our forecast: Have yet to see ONE DROP. Nada. Zilch. Bupkiss. Big. Fat. Zero.


Have not pulled out all the hoses and hooked up the sprinklers and really gotten into the yard season yet. . . because Mother Freakin Nature was taking care of that for me. (cue lightening strike)

So anyway, allegedly around 11pm tonight it supposed to arrive and let’s just cross fingers Bella doesn’t encounter hail. (cue Debbie downer music wa wa waaaaaa)

I overslept today,so didn’t get to post anything. I am really tired tonight and am completely focused on my grass and how it could possibly be burning up without some ding dang water so. . . that’s what you’re getting.

Here’s to Friday for all the Normal Folk. Enjoy the beginning of your weekend. Peyton Manning is hosting SNL along with Okie Carrie Underwood. Have set the DVR to tape it. I will be working and then going to a Pass Your Plate party tomorrow night, working Saturday and going to see the Jewel Box Theatre’s production of Beehive on Saturday evening, Sunday I will be seeing Reign Over Me with MLynn and Nan, cutting Alli’s hair at some point then who the hell knows. Apparently I’m a busy girl. Who knew.

Huzzahh to you and I love George Clooney.

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