“It’s Unbelieveably Important That We Get His Election Right”

I am heartsick to hear about Elizabeth Edwards. This woman, no matter what your political views, is an amazing show of grace and fortitude. I’ve always enjoyed her, followed her through the last campaign, through her first battle with the cancer,watched her PR junket for her book and have just been touched by her life.

I was one of the first to suspect that John Edwards would pull out of the campaign. To see them both together, to see their lives and the ups and downs they have been through, they seem the picture of the best things a relationship can be. While I’ve yet to put my full load in anybody’s wagon, I’m glad I still get to have him as an option.

This campaign, and the children, and the chemo…cannot imagine how it’s going to play out for her. Or for him.

There is that scene in The American President where the President and his chief of staff are playing pool:

President Andrew Shepherd: If Mary hadn’t died, would we have won three years ago?
A.J.: Would we have won?
President Andrew Shepherd: If we had to go through a character debate three years ago, would we have won?
A.J.: I don’t know. But I would have liked that campaign. If my friend Andy Shepherd had shown up, I would have liked that campaign very much.

Not to trivialize. Not to compare…really. But it’s what came to mind when I was thinking about how it would affect this current campaign and those to come. I guess only time will tell.

Good Luck to you Elizabeth Edwards. Strength and Light to you.

2 thoughts on ““It’s Unbelieveably Important That We Get His Election Right”

  1. Have you seen Chris Rock’s recent SNL opener about the current candidates? There’s a YouTube clip up over at http://www.blurbomat.com if you haven’t. I watched it and felt both chastened and also like, “THESE are my choices? ALL of them? That’s IT?”


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