Ten Things Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures T.V. and Movies

I have been working on a Ten Things blog for a few days now, cutting and pasting and notating all over the place. Just as I finished it last night, thinking how good I was to be all “ahead of the game” I hit publish and it said “not so fast miss smarty pants! there’s some shit ain’t right upinhere.” AAAAAAAAAND Flop. Gone. All I had done. I was deflated.

Not to be discouraged completely, I’ll do this one instead and come back to the meanblog next week or so.

Guilty Pleasures. So many to choose from, so I limited myself to just TV or Movies. Those things that you MUST watch when you’re flipping through the channels, even if you’ve seen them a bazillion times. . . and they may not be the finest works of art so you keep it to yourself…guilty pleasures. Take One.

1.)90210–It’s pretty widely known that this is my alltime favorite guilty pleasure. I’ve watched just about every ep, first run and reruns. The SoapNet will give you a bit everyday at 4, then give you a whole bunch on the weekends. God Bless Soapnet. I love Dylan McKay. I hate Brenda Walsh. Donna Martin Graduates!!!

2.)Days of Our Lives–I’ve been watching this “story” since I was five years old. I started with my Baptist preacher of a grandpa, PaPa Okie. It used to come on at 12:30. Sigh. I got to actually meet Bo/Peter Reckell when I was in the 7th grade. He kissed my cheek. I have a Polaroid of it. I don’t watch so much everyday as I do just whenever. It’s that comfort thing. After all these years, Bo and Hope are still fighting and getting back together, Marlena is still flinging that longass hair around and sighing ever so daintily while solving psychological mysteries throughout Salem.

3.)Overboard–Goldie and Kurt. I LOVE this show. I watch it every time it’s on tv on a Sunday afternoon. It’s delightful. Elk Snout. Bwa ha ha ha

4.)Angels in the Outfield–This is another one I always watch. Danny Glover, the kid from Third Rock and Tony Danza and Jim from Taxi as the angel. The speech at the end from the foster mom makes me cry every single time. I know. I know.

5.) Sister Acts I & II–WHOOPEE! I love that woman. Mix in some nuns, some guns and some singing and I’m all in.

6.)Buffy/Angel–Brings me back to a time when one night a week meant margaritas and Vamp Patrol with Kizz. Then long emails dissecting each ep until we were just all frothed up. Good Stuff.

7.)Sex and the City-Forever a connection between Gertrude and myself. Those girls…those shoes…those men. I always loved Big. Liked Adain, but was never a lifer with him. I loved Harry and Steve as well.

8.)Barefoot Contessa–The Food Network is my crack cocaine. Ina Garten is my pusher.

9.)The View–I tape this every day and watch it when I get home. Mostly just the Hot Topics section. Joy is my number one Fav. Rosie has brought this show into a new realm, and I’m digging it. I think if BaBa WaWa could just never speak again, it’s be too soon.

10.)Gilmore Girls–this show breaks my heart. I’ve watched forever. Slurped over all the fabulous writing, the pace, the chaos, the fabulous pop culture and literary references…Loralie resonates with me. No. I don’t have a kid. But that’s not all of who she is…Sookie, Luke, Rory, Lane…all the kooky townsfolk…I love Stars Hollow. I’d move there in a heartbeat, as long as the Palladino’s were writing it.

Emily: When a woman gives birth to a crack baby you do not buy her a puppy.

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