Clemo’s A Comin’!! Clemo’s A Comin’!!!

After I get off work tonight, I’m going to the hotel to pick up Clemo. Talked to him last night, and because it was my late night to work, we didn’t hook up. I did tell him, because we’re due some severe spring Oklahoma weather, that if there were tornados, I’d come get him and take him with me to the safe place. If we’re going down, he’s not going alone in a hotel room!!! It suited his fabulously twisted sense of humor just fine. I’m excited to see him, and will be sure to post pics soon! Can’t decide what to fix for dinner. . . may be too wet to grill out. . . we’ll see!!

Till then, Huzzah and Happy Thursday and I love George Clooney (who’s Oceans 13 comes out on June 8 which is also the date that I cut off my fingers)

2 thoughts on “Clemo’s A Comin’!! Clemo’s A Comin’!!!

  1. I heard about the tornados on the national news today. Everything kosher?For someone who didn’t know about your fingers that last sentence would be confusing. Sounds like on June 8th, perhaps in celebration of Ocean’s 13, you plan to sever some digits. If that is indeed what you meant I have to point out that it might be a bad career move. Very hard to wield scissors with stumps.


  2. Finally another thing… a good thing to equate the F day. Looks good. Can’t wait. Enjoy Clemo! I posted a Tornado blog on our corner Booth blog for those with concerns.


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