Friday File

Yesterday was quite eventful here in lil ole OKC. Around 4pm the tornado sirens went’d been just raining crazylike all day long. Constant. Sometimes gently, sometimes with rage, but all the while it was constant. We talk a lot about rain here mostly because as Oklahoman’s/Southerners, that’s what we do. But we have been in a serious, serious drought the last three years, so this really is newsworthy. But I digress.

We’d had some nasty tornadoes, killing two people in the panhandle the night before. This was that line of storms. All of a sudden the sirens go off, we at the salon race to the back room to turn on Gary England. ***SIDEBAR***I cannot stand Gary England. I don’t care for his reporting, I don’t care for his personality, I don’t care for him at. all. period. I love Channel 4 with Mike Morgan and my
emmy-winning-storm-chasing-boyfriend David Payne. Anyway, there were reports of tornadoes just dropping out of the clouds right on top of homes, some homes close to where some stylists live. It was a titch chaotic for awhile. We ourselves weren’t in any danger, it was way northwest of us, but friends, loved ones, etc. Apparently there were really no warnings for these yesterday. Wrapped in rain, they just flopped down and worked it good. North of us there was quite a bit of damage, Cashion and parts of that area.

Welcome to Springtime in Oklahoma.

For those of you unadjusted to this, yes. It’s freaking scary. For those of us who’ve lived it our whole lives, it’s any day that ends in “y” unless it’s right on top of you and you’re in the beer walk-in sitting on cold ass kegs of beer with your best friend and your boyfriend and looking around at all the beer that does NOT twist off and you without your beer opener so you drink a stupid zima. . . then that’s sometimes scary!

If it makes the national news, then it’s been pretty bad somewhere and that sucks. The property damage is crap too, but at least you’re alive for it. We know this, and we understand. I will always keep you up to date re: spring weather, either here or on the phone…breathe in breathe out move on.

Just a clarification from yesterday’s post. I will NOT be ceremoniously cutting off my fingers on June 8 to celebrate the opening of my boyfriend George Clooney’s new movie Ocean’s 13. Been there. Done that. The boyfriend was Bobby and it was 1985. 22 years ago. I would however, gladly throw myself across an alter for any kind of sacrificial fornication that would be needed by him (George, not Bobby) at any given time. Let it be written. Let it be said.

Had dinner with Clemo last night. What a joy!! How hysterical it is to be with someone you haven’t seen in 8 years, compare stories, and fill in the blanks…I had a lot of blanks as did he. It was a memory jig saw puzzle and we had a blast putting it all together. I decided NOT to cook, we went to Texas Roadhouse instead. So good. Phil went too, we had a delightful time. I am still processing our visit, and am writing a longer post with specifics that I’ll put up in a few days. Meanwhile, these are for you Kizz…

3 thoughts on “Friday File

  1. Jonathan Conder does it for me. See folks, we are OK. We trade I love this weather caster! Gary England is old school. Not my favorite either but he was the one with the drinking game.


  2. No worries! I’ll drink to Gary, just not WITH Gary! ha! Kizz, we talked about so many things that I’d forgotten, will try to work the post into shape pronto…xoxo


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