Ten Things Tuesday: Boyfriends Real or Imagined. Mostly Really Imagined.

1)My boyfriend David Boreanez…I first loved him on Buffy. Then I loved him in his spin off. I don’t however love him in Bones. A title like that, starring a man like him should have some boom boomka mow mow music behind it, and not be about dead bodies.

2)My boyfriend Chris Noth…Mr.Big. B-I-G. Those clothes, that smile, so sexy. Is it ok to just love the character and not necessarily the man? Absofuckinlutly.

3)My second ex husband Coach Bob Stoops…leader of the OU football team. Fall football, Boomer Sooner, screaming fans…makes me want a hot dog reeeeeel bad. again. ( I don’t know why he’s an ex husband and not a boyfriend. It’s just what I say.)

4.)My boyfriend Adrian Peterson. Signs screaming Yo Adrian will once again be in the stands, just as soon as the NFL draft happens and I know which team to cheer for. One can only pray that he likes white chubby girls from El Reno. Ya think?

5.)My boyfriend LL Cool J. . . Ladies Luv Cool James. Yes. Yes we do.

6.) My boyfriend Luke Perry. I’ve loved him forever. Skinny and sideburned. He saved my life once. For real. sigh. I. LUUUUUUV. HIM.

7.) My boyfriend Al Pacino. . . GOD. Look at that hair willya? Sexy sexy man. I could say ‘Ello to his lil friend on any given Sunday. Makes my whoohaa go Whoooyaaaa!

8.) My boyfriend Matt Lauer. Mornings are delicious in my living room. Me, scantily clothed, sleepy eyed, holding a mug of coffee, staring right at him. I have dreams about him, and in those dreams he drives a big blue SUV and smokes like a chimney. I’d like to smoke his chimney.

9.) Not really my boyfriend just a crush on Joe Ely. Musician. Writer. Funnyman who has no dishwasher in his house. Spent some time with he and his fam one summer and rang in Y2K with him in his kitchen smoking cigarettes with him, Reno, his formidably fabulous wife and myself after one of his shows where his wife dressed us up in the craziest of gypsy costumes and we paraded in the new year onstage. Apparently I wasn’t giving it my all cuz she bonked the shit out of my head with a piece of wood. She probably recognized the want in my eyes. But I still heart him. He’s fabulous.

****My Emmy-winning-storm-chasing-boyfriend-David Payne. There were no photos so I’m giving him special placement with a go to thing to click on for his face.*******

10) and of course my boyfriend George Clooney. He’s kept me occupied on many a rainy afternoon. June 8th baby. Me in the theatre’s back row with a six back and a vibrator. Do Not Disturb.

Huzzah and Happy Tuesday and I love all of these men. But especially George Clooney.

6 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Boyfriends Real or Imagined. Mostly Really Imagined.

  1. You got them all in. Great (say it Tony the tiger style) post! I re-cock-a-nize all these men. Because I know all of your boyfriends! Love the jungle fever! LL! Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? Best cover of a nursery rhyme song ever. I agree, he can blow my house in any time. Matt Lauer. I still laugh and never can forget the SUV, smoking, driving like a mad man. And Luke… your patron Saint of rolling cars and potatos. You don’t need the jumper cables in the head to get things started with him! I have to copy! You know that. Got me all moist and drooling on my keys for heavens sake. We Okies love us some beefy cake!


  2. 1. I actually enjoy Bones. They keep letting him have smoking hot sex and smouldering flirtations with people so it’s worth it.3. Really?4. Of course he does!5. Yes, yes we do.8. I just never got the Matt Lauer thing. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but he doesn’t float my little man in a boat.10. The thing that makes this photo the perfect choice is the hand on the person’s arm. You can just imagine that hand on your own…arm and it makes you melt like taffy on a hot sidewalk.


  3. Although, all attractive fellows. ain’t a one of got nearly enough tatoos or rage.But that’s why we never have to fight over men! Now, I’ll wrestle you to the ground for a piece of cake, but you can keep your boyfriends.


  4. Guys think that cat fights are all about them. In truth the cat fights are all about cake. Or possibly pie. Occasionally a really decadent cookie. The guy conversations goes more like:”You don’t understand him! I’m taking him.””Cool. And you know, I’ll tell you this for nothing, a little Vicks Vapo Rub under your nostrils on chili night will strengthen the relationship. Enjoy!”


  5. Well girls, Looks like I can completly own my list. But for JRH and OUR boyfriend Matt Lauer. Gertrude made her own list and it was great!! Who’s on yours?


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