Sucking was never so good!

I bought the Dyson yesterday. Called around and it was the same price everywhere, so I got one of those 20%off coupons for Bed Bath & Freakin Beyond and we bought it there. Came home and did the “test”…used our old one to sweep an area then went back over it with the Purple Monster. OH. MY. GOD. It was like a Biore strip. So freaking cool and gross at the same time. Bleagh. It picked up so much stuff out of the “clean” area that both Phil and I were just amazed. Very cool. Hopefully it will help cut back on the allergies in this house as well.

So what do you think about this Don Imus thing? Anyone have some thoughts? I heard a very valid argument about it last night in the bar. This guy said, “I’m not saying that what he said was correct, or that he maybe shouldn’t be punished for it. However, show me the day that Chris Rock gets penalized for saying something, show me the FCC coming down on someone other than a white guy. I’m sick of the double standard here.” Of course then the other guys at the table jumped in and the conversation just went all Redneck Retard and I had to bow out. But the first part I actually could get behind. There was another guy who said he had no idea the phrase “nappy” was racial. . . because he has some stringy ass dirty hair most of the time and thought it pertained to himself. Bwa ha ha ha. Not really. But I thought that was interesting, that this guy truly had no idea the phrase was racial. Now, maybe it was the ENTIRE phrase “nappy headed ho’s” that was racial…whatever the case, Imus has been suspended for two weeks from both the radio and MSNBC.

Freedom of speech. . . . really? Thoughts? Comments?

And finally we got new music for our jukebox at the bar last night. That my friends, was a fun errand to run. Went to CD Warehouse, which isn’t near as good as the one Reno and I used to haunt in Cincy. But we managed to get about 10 new cds, and made lots of people happy. If I could find one that was mostly greatest hits, that is what we bought. AC/DC Back in Black was my first pick. Along with KISS, Steve Earle, and the essential Ozzy. Some Garth, Shania, the best of America (horse with no name will get the shit played out of it!) and a double cd of 38 Special. The Cars greatest hits went on there as well. So that was just fun. I wanted a copy of Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction, but no such luck. Joe Ely was also a flop, but I’m still looking for him. So fun to buy music with someone else’s money!

Ok, am out for today. Must go take my taxes to be “done” and get to work. New girls starting today, so that should be fun.
Huzzah and Happy Tuesday and I love George Clooney.

3 thoughts on “Sucking was never so good!

  1. And I know how much you enjoy the sucking so this vacuum must be awesome. 🙂 New idea for a team buildign prize, you’ll go hoover the house of whoever wins!


  2. Hey pretty baby are you ready for me? Yeah, its your good rocking Daddy down from TN. Love Steve Earle. Congrats on the new sucker. Looks fabulous. You know home cleaning appliances make me hotter than a bonfire at Daytona beach on Spring Break! Whatever on the whole basketball thing…. I mean really. I hate to agree with a “hick” but he is right. We all know this… you can’t call a Gay a Fag but they can call each other fags. It is a double standard. Nuff.


  3. ah….the CD Warehouse…My cd collection is as large as it is because I had a crush on about every guy that worked there.


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