Ten Things Tuesday: Vacations I’ve Taken or Want to Take

Phil and I are talking about a vacation. This year. This summer. Soon. I’m itching for a road trip in Bella, but if we’re doing a real vacation, then I don’t want to spend the time driving…here are a few we’ve talked about as well as a few I’ve done.

1.) Florida…I would actually love to do Disney again. I was there in ’88. The MGM Studios we being built, and they hadn’t even thought of the animal kingdom thing. Plus I could use some beach time. SO maybe Key West. I’ve never been, he has.

2.) North or South Carolina…am wanting a beach and have briefly been to NC for a week on tour with Reno. It was in May, off season, still chilly, all the touristy shops were just beginning to open and get stocked for summer. We were there at ALMOST the right time…would love to go back.

3.) Playa del Carmen or any fun Mexican resort. Phil won’t go to Mexico. Period. He says we’ll get kidnapped. More likely, he’ll pass his drunk ass out on the beach and some fabulously greasy Al Pacino look alike will come whisk me away and we’ll do it all night long. Probably that’s what would happen.

4.) California…Napa…you want a break you take a napa, you don’t move to Napa says Carrie Bradshaw. We were planning this trip with Bonus Mom and Dad when their marriage blew the hell up. We were to go this past January. Oh well. I still want to. Napa, Sonoma, all of it. And not just wine country…I could do southern very well. San Diego. See the KOALAS at the zoo. Visit the family. Man, they’ve got the best weather out there.

5.) Grand Canyon. This is his favorite place ever. I’ve never been. I’d love to see it but you’ll not be seeing me on that new plexi glass whoop-tee-doo that you can walk out on. Hell to the no my friend. Hell to the no. AND, I’m not riding a donkey down to the bottom either.

6.) Santa Fe…I’ve never been to New Mexico. Taos would be nice, too.

7.) Sedona. Back in Arizona. Gertrude’s mom’s bff lives here and communes regularly with the people of Funkytown. I could dig it.

8.) Las Vegas. I’ve been there once. The first actual meeting of Mkaep and Phil. We could go again…it’s a fun party.

9.)NYC. . . always on my list. I’m heading out in September but one of these days I’m dragging Phyllis with me. We’d have a blast.

10.)Italy… Europe. All of it. I want to see and experience all it has. Mostly though, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do Italy. It-Lee. London. All things British for this anglophile. Just all of it.

11 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Vacations I’ve Taken or Want to Take

  1. I had to read that Ruggy comment three times before I could remember!!! THANK GOD you have a good memory. Oh Ruggy….wonder how he’s doin?


  2. Local girl! Sedona, yes, feel the magic. Grand Canyon… my damn sister would not wake up and drive with me… you totally would have! I was thinking Rome, Italy, Russia, Vietnam…seriously, I hear its beautiful. The Artic Circle…. why I don’t know, just cause. Germany, I want to see Berlin. New Zealand, for the wine. Austrilia, so I can get thrown in jail for stalking Russell and Hugh. Locally…. geez. Washington DC. And Washington State and Oregon for the Pinot! As soon as the kid is 18, I am grabbing my pack and I am out of here. I was always so afraid… of what? I curse myself now!


  3. I agree. Europe and ALL it contains is on the list. I’ve never been west, moreover the Pacific Northwest. I’d hit that trail!


  4. All my vaca $$ went to the ‘Rents Anniv. Party. I was saving for Easter Island. Maybe next year.I just had an hour long conversation with my friend Skeeter last night about his upcoming 4 month trip to Europe. And the fear factor. It’s big. Go. Go. Go.We should all just go.I heart the west.ok. I think I’ve said my piece. My peace? Either works, I suppose, but it confuses me.


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