Check it out

Joe’s first 10 things Tuesday ROCKS THE CASBAH!!! LOVE IT! go check it out.

And on a much much more heart wrenching note, I’ll be attending a funeral tomorrow for a 10 month old. Work with her mom. Here’s her story if you feel like checking it out and saying a prayer for Zach and Haley tomorrow. And say one for me too. This is so so horrible. Our salon is going as a group for support for Haley.

On a trival note to end the post, Dyson’d the bedroom today and I swear there’s a small Sasquatch in the thingy. Good. Grief. I’ve been living in filth. BLEAGH!!!

and I love George Clooney.

3 thoughts on “Check it out

  1. 600 bucks. But I got it at BB&B with a 20%off cupon and that took off about 150. I checked around everywhere, and they’re all priced the same at every place. There are smaller versions, this is the largest. All with the same technology. However, I did some research and would not go for the older versions, the newer versions have better stuff. not much price difference on those…


  2. You know it girl. I can totally get behind that. I freaking have OCDelicious so bad… they don’t make enough meds to shut my shit off! Bravo! Eureka! Suck-a-pole-luza! Horrible about your friend. Sending thoughts her way.


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