Finishing The Week

There’s a storm a brewin’ here today. It’s Friday the 13th, and we’re getting snow tomorrow. Mostly in the panhandle, but still. SNOW?!?!?!? Give me some of that Global Warming, Al. Come on!!

Yesterday was tragic and shitty all around. Thanks Reno, for checking in. I finished my clients with makeup smudged contacts and came home with a bottle of wine and ordered a pizza. I watched the Ugly Betty and Grey’s specials…good LORD people give me some fresh eps of those AND Gilmore Girls. I think next week is the week for that. But generally a funeral for a 10 month old baby, with open casket, and video production of her wee life at the end….not the best day. For anyone.

This weekend is busy. Giving a wedding shower tomorrow night, allegedly racing/walking the RedBud on Sunday, kids to the doc on monday and lots of Dyson-ing to do in between.

So, happy Friday. Some ramdom dreaminess. Here’s to you:
Cute Cute Henry from Ugly Betty!

For Gerttie

Some old school Eddie…before life kicked him in the mouth.

still hanging on

Chrome’s favorite

and one to grow on:

3 thoughts on “Finishing The Week

  1. That first one’s for me, isn’t it. Thank you, thank you Thank. You!Glad that week is O.V.E.R. and that you topped it off so spectacularly.xoxoxoxox


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