4.4 pounds = 1.99580643 kilograms

This is what I have gained over the past two weeks. In 14 days of binging and emotional eating and drinking my way through baby funerals, birthdays, wedding showers, my period and Friday the 13th…..this is what I gained. a pan of chicken
a male lemur
a bag of corn meal

4.4 pounds.


So, I went this morning. I knew it was going to be bad, because even though we did the 6K jaunt yesterday, I drank several celebratory tecate’s and went to Chili’s for dinner. Even though I drank tons of water, and had a big cup of strong coffee for that morning “cleansing” I knew I’d been waaaaaaayyyy off program for two weeks to not show it on the scale. So. Deep Breath. Regroup. Weigh In. Own that freakin number and move on.

This is what I look like moving on.

Have been working around the house like a madwoman. The sun is out for possibly the only day this week and it is my crack cocaine. I just grocery shopped. Mostly the perimeter for freshness and goodness. Mind mapped what my food will be this week and here I go.

It’s easy to backslide round this time of the year I suppose. We get off to such a frenzied and manic start at the beginning of the year and I just fell off the wagon. I’m committing to fitness of some sort this week. I’ve been whining and talking and blocking myself out of it for weeks now and so I’m telling you…it starts today.

May 12 is four weeks away. Chrome is coming home and it’s going to be a great party. That gives me a small goal to work towards. (Chrome, I got an email from Shua and he says he’s coming too! We need to tag team that boy and force the hand.)

It’s gorgeous here. I’m going to put away groceries and work in the yard a bit. That will be my activity today. Tomorrow, either a walk out of doors or to the Y for me.

Hope you’re having a great day. How was your weekend? What do you have planned for this week?

Huzzah and Happy Monday. and as you well know….
I love him.

4 thoughts on “4.4 pounds = 1.99580643 kilograms

  1. Dude, I held steady this week and I had a whole brain meltdown. How do you manage to be all pleasant and funny and motivated about it? You’re awesome, but that pan of chicken looks pretty yummy. :)xoxoxox


  2. Chrome, I don’t know FOR SURE. Got an email last night with a link that I’ll post of a mini movie on myspace. Obviously he’s thinking about it, now we just HAVE TO FORCE IT. Kizz…you should have seen me at meeting. I was blue. and annoyed with myself and almost cried a little when I looked at my little weight weigh in card thingy and saw where i was and where I am now. But I just compartmentalize that shit and start fresh. I seriously belive that this works for me and I just have to kick myself into getting back into it. Be nice to yourself. You are doing an amazing job and you deserve some praise. Holding steady is no easy feat my dear…go back and check out that freakn monkey I gained!


  3. I’m impressed that it took you two whole weeks to gain.I can gain that weight in one week, Bob.I have before…more than a mere 1.9 kilograms…I’ve been loving anything salty lately. So, my weigh-in will be a fun one. Off to Pilates class. That’s fun. Then home for some ham and beans and popcorn.


  4. I bought the everything pretzels. Tomorrow night, am crushing them up, rolling some chicken tenders around it them and putting them in to bake. Tonight is grilled burgers and veggies. Phil is outside drinking a cold beer and I am going to get a big thing of water. It’ll taste the same, right? However you have lost and gained, whatever you have lost and gained, you are still my inspiration. You are. If I could cue Mariah Carey to sing something right now, this is where I’d do it.


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