Friday File

I realize we have much to discuss. It’s been an eventfull week.

Last night we had the first of the debates and I think from what I saw, the Dems did ok. It was very cordial. No one was sucker punching anyone, we were on a first name basis for the most part. I only saw the last half hour, stupid me, I thought it was aired in prime time. duh.

We’ve had departures. Rosie is leaving. More importantly, so is Gertie. Both flying to better and more fulfilling things. Well wishes abound for the both of them.

I got my first Mystic Tan. It’s ok. I’m not super dark, but it certainly looks better. My theory has always been, chocolate pudding is MUCH more appealing than cottage cheese. So there.


We’ve had our first kill. This is what I woke up to Wednesday morning. . . bleagh. Kind of grossed myself out then rallied and ran for the camera. Baby’s all growns up.


4 thoughts on “Friday File

  1. This is why it’s good (and bad) to have cats. Yay, no more mice in your house (boo, no more LIVE mice anyway). Hee. He’s so pretty, though, and looks so very happy, too.


  2. he’s very happy. in my lap helping type right now with the loudest motor on the planet. call if you need to this weekend. call even if you don’t need to. take care hold tight.


  3. So, I tried to link to Rosie from your site and the firewall at work blocked it citing PORN as the reason. Hmmm. Rosie Porn. Odd.


  4. You must work for Republicans that hate her, cuz it went right to her blog for me over and over. . . kind of a relief actually…porn/rosie/bleagh


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