So, last week I weighed in and allegedly lost 2.8 lbs. That was untrue. It was really 3.4 Hooray for Hollywood. TOday, another 2.6 is gone for a grand total of 14.6 pounds that are missing from my hiney. OR this:
Pretty cool.

On to other news…

Yesterday I got up early and went down to the marathon and clapped and cheered on the runners. I have to say, this was an incrediblly emotional experience. SO amazing were these people, all shapes and sizes and various levels of fit. So cool. Have you ever done that? We were at the bottom of a hill, and kept yelling to the girls, Keep Going! George Clooney is a the top waiting for you!! Fun with George. Tee hee hee.

Went to the dentist today. Apparently, I grind my teeth. Must be fitted for a guard. Before we do that however, we must find out how much my insurance will pay to replace all the veneers, which are 17 years old and receeding and causing gum ickyness. So we’re looking at replacing all those. OH and I have to go get some deep cleaning done around a wisdom tooth that I refuse to have pulled. BLeagh. TWO HOURS in that chair and I hurt and bleagh bleagh bleagh.

Had lunch with my dad today….anyone ready for this: wait for it. . .

He’s moving.
Not to Arkansas, which was my first guess. Probably to eastern Oklahoma, or Missouri, still very close to Taryn and the Gang. He’s struggling with leaving me here, I said go go go. Don’t stay for me. I’m fine here. He tried to talk about me moving too. . . well I dont want to move. Until the morning comes when I wake up and say “I want to move”, I don’t want to move. I was pretty fine, but now feel a little funk setting in.

My teeth hurt.

I and Bonus Mom will be the only thing family wise left in Oklahoma. Meme Lois is here, still in Granite and Papa is still in the rest home in Altus, but as far as functioning family. . . that’s it. Interesting.

SO there. That’s it from here. I’m wondering how Kizz’s weekend went and her computer is getting more good stuff added to it so I’ll just wait and send good thoughts. Joe is fighting with his car, Gert is in transition. . . Hopefully this will be one of those transition times where we all come out smelling the roses.

See. My teeth freakin hurt. I’m off to take some ibuprofin. We’ll see if I can muster up ten things for tomorrow….

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. I thought you said “smelling THE roses” on purpose and I found it quite brilliant. I think it’s perfect.Sorry about your teeth, but I know all about the grinding. That’s why I had to get meds last week. I’ve got a knot in my jaw from it.Go, go, go with the losses! You are doing magnificently! NYC shopping will be fun in September!!


  2. That makes me weep!! The thought of FUN nyc shopping!!! I wondered about the meds and just kept forgetting to ask…we are two stressed out jaw grinding gals, huh? I’m ready for you to come home. I’ll give you a few weeks then get your hiney here and fast!!


  3. I am still in flux but doing well thank you. I don’t know if I smell like “the” roses yet… may be more like wine. I am making my first homemade batch! Teeth. Yes, won’t lie. It hurts but I had mine out at 32… why can’t you? You get the good drugs! Dad. Well. wish I had the luxury of flying far, far away from my troubles. My family lives all around me and I still have to plan to see them. I go for months with out seeing Chi or Scunther. Nice dreary day we are having.. and your boyfriend in in Ireland.


  4. Ohhhhhh, you let me know when we need to run some Quality Control on the homemade wine! Yeah, Ireland. I love him.


  5. It’s the first time in the history of EVER that losing a puppy is a good thing. A GREAT thing! Go you!Oh, your dad. He and my dad should go out to eat. And they should do it far, far, FAR away from us.I have funny stories and I have bad stories and I have boring stories but right now it’s all I can do to get up and go to work and then to go home and crawl under a blanket and let my friends inside the box with the flashing colors put me to sleep. I’m still upright, still getting to work and I’ll probably have my computer back tomorrow. Feel free to slap a “kick me” sign on your dad’s back as he leaves town. You can tell him it’s from me.


  6. Oh, your dad. He and my dad should go out to eat. And they should do it far, far, FAR away from us.That is one of the very reasons I love you so much. Perfect words. Every single time!!!


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