Friday Already???

Ok…which one of you are building the ARK??? Just give me the place and time, I’ll bring the cats.

We’ve had just a crazy amount of rain here. I think today is the first “dry” day we have all week, and hell, it’s only five till 7 in the a.m. so that is BOUND to change!!

Talked to Chrome last night…she’s home planning and hosting (along with her sis) the parental 40th anniversary party. Let’s just say stressed is a word that doesn’t even BEGIN to cover things!! It’s hard to plan stuff long distance, but I know they will pull it off and it will be just a great party for her parents. More on that as it develops!

Bella is coming home today! (my car) She’s all fixed and shiney shiney and new again! Huzzuah!!

This is really all the news I have. Gert had a big week…Congrats for the 9 years dear one! Motherhood looks great on you! I’ve been doing as you do…pick up a litle, clean a little keep it in motion this week. You’d be proud!!

Kizz, it’s good to see the pics back! Nice to see you and your beautiful face. I can’t wait till September!!!

I think that is all…enjoy your Friday!

George. Love. Me. Forevah….

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