So much to cover…so little time

Whirlwind weekend doesn’t EVEN begin to cover the past few days. I think my arse is still dragging itself in the door, and that’s ok. I am happy with all the events. We’ll try to begin at the beginning…

Saturday night was Chrome’s parent’s 40th anniversary party. Kamikaze Katering Kompany was born. KKK. Yep. Believe me, if there’d been any white sheets around she and I would have huddled and snorked up about forty gallons of pino and called it good. Things were a bit hectic, but that’s her story to relate so go bug her. ALSO, she got a shiny new toy with which to post pictures. Force her hand people. I took zero that night. I got home a little after midnight. Hit my wall. Was done in from the day’s work and the night’s party and knew I had a drive ahead of me early the next day, so I crapped out. I owe her bigtime when I arrive in September.

Sunday a.m. I got up, ran about a half hour off schedule, but drove Bella to Arkansas to surprise Mom for her day. It was a huge surprise, complete with Bonus Dad just leaving the house and walking around the neighborhood so that she couldn’t find him to go to Wal Mart, therefore missing my arrival. Hysterical stuff, especially for my family. I did three haircuts, two colors and had a grand time with the nephew at the Orange Park after we picked him up from school the next day. As you can see…he wakes up grumpy, but works it out eventually!

I drove home and got to my house around 7pm that night.

Meanwhile during all of this, I have missed auditions for a show that I was going to do. They were Monday night. I talked to the director, who I kind of know thru my hometown community theatre years ago, and she gets her hair done at my salon, anyway, she casts me anyway. It’s a funny show called Radio T.B.S. Trailer Park Broadcasting Scandals. 10 women, 1 trailer park. It’s kind of riffing off the idea of the Tuna plays…but that’s ok. It will be delightful fun. It only has two performances, 13 rehearsals. Lot’s of words. We’ll perform outdoors in Yukon, kind of a “performance in the park” atmosphere, bring the picnic basket, the wine, the blankets and laugh out loud under the stars. Friday and Saturday night, June 22 and 23. Mark your calendar!There are a few lines I get to say that make me hork up my 100 calorie cupcakes last night.

So. I guess I’m crossing at least number 20 off my List. That’s cool.

I can’t really touch on Gilmore Girls finale yet. I cried all the way through. I freakin hate goodbyes…Feels like I’m losing a group of friends forever. I was so worked up I bellowed thru Dancing with the Stars when Ian got booted off…good freakin grief. All I know is this…when they put out the series collection on dvd in a fabulous box set, I’m SOOOOO getting it. Stars Hollow Forever.

Have a great day, I love you and I love George Clooney. Luckily there is no rehearsal scheduled for June 8th. Huzzah!!!

2 thoughts on “So much to cover…so little time

  1. Oh! I didn’t know you didn’t even have to audition, FancyPants!!Congrats…would I could come home again and see it.That boy is killing me…killing me.


  2. No Pictures! No Comments! good grief that kid. I have a “balls” story for you. Will have to post it tomorrow. CRACKED me up.


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