The Adventures of Wonderboy Vol.2

Just got a few more stories starring Wonderboy…that child is diabolical I tell you!

Mom is mere mintues from closing on the brand new house they’ve been building for a year. There are a few details that she doesn’t like and needs fixed, and by that I mean things she’s been continiously bitching about to anyone who will listen. One being a plug in/outlet that the builder has stuck on the outside of the bar in the kitchen. It should be flush with the cabinet, but is not. It sticks out and is really ugly. Well, Mom comes in the other day and Wonderboy is beating the shit out of that outlet with a big ass rock. She freaks out and he calmly says, “But Mamo, if I break it they will have to take it away and you will be happy!”

I told you so. Diabolical.

The second story begins with a father/son outing to Lowes for supplies and cement. My sis and her hubby are the king and queen of outdoor projects. Wonderboy gets to ride along and feels quite grown up in doing so. They start to load the 80lb bags of cement into the FJ and he wants to help. His dad says, “Wonderboy, these bags are way too heavy for you.” To which he responds, “Dad, I think you underestimate my strength.”

I’m not even kidding.

One thought on “The Adventures of Wonderboy Vol.2

  1. Have them check under his bed and see if he has a huge dictionary he is reading under the cover of night. So smart.Great material!


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