Has ANYONE Seen This Gorgeous Man???

I miss him. I got a text from him last night or well, this morning about 3 a.m. Crazy boy. I have not talked to him in forever. FOREVER people…but the thing is…he’s in my heart. I talk to him every day. I laugh at things he’d laugh at, I tuck little jokes away in the DeDe File in my brain because I know he’d enjoy that tidbit, I watch tv or movies thinking about him. He’s with me.

But in doing that, I fail to email, or text, or call, or make ANY human contact. I suck.

He’s my soul. truly madly deeply. Has been since I met him. Funny that. I know he’s busy and movin’ and shakin’ and possibly showing his thang on stage. And busy we both are.

So this is an A.P.B. for that man. I love you!! I miss you!! and even though we suck at the communicating, you are still my soul and I know you’re not too far away…

For anyone that has been away from home with work or anything else, you know how lonely it can be. Stop by my comments, give the boy a shout out…I’ll send him the link.


3 thoughts on “Has ANYONE Seen This Gorgeous Man???

  1. He looks great in the picture. Just so handsome! He will be back around.Hopefully he has found a man…and fallen on top of him and keeps getting up over and over again!All my loving D!


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