I am sad about that

Came home from rehearsal last night to find my patio in chaos. The wind, the 30 plus mile an hour winds had blown over my umbrella and glass table. Yes, we should have put the umbrella down,but it wasn’t windy when I left and I didn’t even think ahead. I came home to see it all toppled over, the umbrella in pieces. I loved this thing. It was a special gift from my Mom and Bonus Dad, that they spent way too much on and that Bonus Dad really picked out for me. Nice. and now, in pieces being used as a kitty tent.

Sad to get sad about “stuff” when there is really important stuff to get sad about, but it is what it is.

On a brighter note, rehearsal started to really come together last night. I left there feeling pretty good. There are a few scenes that just draaaaaaaaaag, but hopefully those will get corrected and we’ll have a fun show.

Huzzah and Happy Thursday. Tomorrow my bf G.C. has a new movie opening and it looks as if I’ll have to view it by myself. Everyone is either working, out of the state, sitting with kids/grandkids. Whatever. I’m SO GOING!!! Happy Day and I love George Clooney!

3 thoughts on “I am sad about that

  1. Well crap, if I were there I’d totally go with you. Sorry about the wind wreckage. So sorry. Total bummer. Glad you’re gonna replace the brolly, though.


  2. Yeah, I’m sad about that, too. That’s the kind of thing that would throw me into a complete ranting tizzy…most likley with tears…the kind of thing that isn’t at all about the umbrella….the kind of thing that requires my Dr. Ronnie.You seem to be just fine, though. And lucky kitties!!!!


  3. Well, it makes my stomache just hurt, mostly because it was a gift from Mom and Burl and that was sweet. I have money in savings. I can buy another one. Just need the time to get to Sam’s. At least my table didn’t break, and btw, the GardenGnome you gave me came away unscathed as well. Tough little bugger.


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