June 8

Today is here. Finally. A time to celebrate, to ponder.

22 years ago today, I cut my fingers off in an ice shredder working at a snow cone stand. Most every detail I can remember, clearly, except for what the fingers actually looked like. It was a horrifying experience, all in all, but I got Worker’s Comp and a boyfriend. The first time for both of those. Worker’s Comp checks went directly to Fashion Gal, and Bobby Hathaway, after a few moments of bliss, went directly to Deanne Holland.

Both things have stayed with me, molding, shaping my life the last 22 years. Strange but true. I even had a BH dream last night. Not a “he loves me, he really loves me” dream, but pretty much the same scenario all these years later. I love him, he loves some pretty skinny brunette, I pine away, he goes away.

I’m sure Dr. Ronnie would have a freakin’ field day with that one. We’ll let it lie for now.

In other news, rehearsals are going well. We’re off until Monday, when we work on the outdoor gazebo stage and are off book for the first time. Cross fingers and send luck.

I have a decent workday today and tomorrow, so that’s nice. I’ve had to miss quite a few hours of work for the show, and I’m sure to see it in the paychecks. Tomorrow I have tickets to Wicked. That’s exciting! I heard it was a great cast, great show. Looking forward to that. Sunday I get to hang with the Wonderboy. He’s here going to VBS with BonusMom at her church. So it’s gonna be a nice weekend.

Tonight, I do believe I may have a date with Gert to see my boyfriend. She just got home from a trip to Minnesota, so hopefully it’ll work out. I think this Ocean’s will be the best yet. Al AND George???? I mean come ON!!! I may have to visit the nervous hospital after it’s over. I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, Huzzuah and Happy Friday people. Enjoy the weekend. Eat a snow cone in my honor. Go see the movie. Breathe in Breathe Out Move on.

and I love George Clooney.

5 thoughts on “June 8

  1. You guys raise a box of Jr. Mints to the screen for me, please. You’re gonna have one hell of a weekend. I’m doing a bunch of practical stuff, going to the Belmont Stakes and then going to see Alita’s final showing for her dance class. Busy for me, must sound like a veritable vacation for someone as busy as you! Love you!


  2. We have to go. Crappy doodle weekend and no time to play. Your fingers…. I have very little witty-ness left right about now. But you know I have the sympathy finger.


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