The Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

It’s hot. Hot and time for the pool. We did Purple Pool yesterday afternoon, and oh my GOD, it was therapy. Good sun, the water felt divine, cold beer, it was the best. We soaked it all up until about 7, then home. I was in the bed by 8:30, and frankly, it felt great!! I’m livin’ la vida single this week, as Phil is en route to West Virginia to see his mama for a week. Me and the cats, and to be perfectly honest, we’re having the best time.

Today is another pool day for me. I’m taking Wonderboy to a pool for the afternoon, well, a few hours anyway. It’s his last day of “ba-cation” and we’re doing it up right and proper. Swimming, then possibly a showing of Ratatoullie, then the last swim lession tonight at 5:30, then to Bricktown to dinner and walking around and riding the horse drawn carriage around for the grande finale! I took the morning off work tomorrow, so I can party it up tonight!

I’m off to find some kind of swim toys/diving thingys for us to play with today.


2 thoughts on “The Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

  1. I hear that Ratatouille is AWESOME. Enjoy! That’s a busy bacation day you’ve got planned there, cool that you’re soaking up every blessed second of it.


  2. we swam for about 3 and a half hours so no movie. it was a great day. lots of sun,he got a titch burnt. oh well. summertime afterall.


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