Weekend Update

Things are good. I really feel like my plan is forming and taking shape and it’s one that I like and can really live with. Communication and whatnot are fine between he and I, but we still have to talk and get things settled and take care of details about the money and living arrangements. I really don’t see any of it being a problem.

My plan is to move to the Frontier with BonusMom. The kitties will love all the room and things to kill and eat. Plus two of their family already live out there so it’ll be a reunion of sorts. I had a talk with KikiMama yesterday and she purred in agreement so I’m thinking it’s a good deal. I’ll stay there and get my money worked in a way so that when my perfect house comes around I can afford new furniture, (of which i have none) a washer and dryer, (of which I have never even thought of owning) a new bed/mattress/sheets (because taking the spare bedroom furniture that is in my house that used to belong to his ex girlfriend does not appeal to me nor does it fit in with my Clean Start plan one iota.)

While this is a lot of money to save, and by the way, will need to save for a down payment of some sort, I will have my raise/promotion go into effect after the NY trip in September, and getting busy in the holiday season will bring in the money.

I feel like it’s good. Workable. The only downside is having no place to bring home a man for a slumber party. . . and quite frankly, that is the least of my worries right now.

I feel sad at times about the demise of this relationship. But the mourning period has come and gone already. It’s been done for awhile now. Years. So the only really anxiety I feel is about packing all this crap and moving it. And that is so minor, I’m just not going to fret.

It is what it is.

I feel the support from all corners. I am truly blessed with a net of people to catch me. Life is good.

Huzzuah and Happy Monday.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sister. You know we always got your back. We can find a place for you to land when and where ever you might want a man to fall on top of you. We will evacuate Oklahoma if we have to.You can always bunk with us if you don’t want to drive and drink! Bonus Mom is going to love having you around.


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