Point Effing Four-Ex Him Radio-FunkFest ’07

that is what I gained this week. Point four. Up not down. I was just disgusted and I know better than to get down on it like that but i did and didn’t even stay for the meeting and went to work and just ate all damned day.

so there.

guess I showed that point four who’s boss.

Oh…and my hair is falling out and breaking off at a rapid rate…nice. I look like Susan Powter on the top of my head. Best I can figure I was using a leave in conditioner that had too much protein…and regardless of what those boys told us in the backseat of that pontiac sunbird behind the lake…too much protien is NOT good. Shit falls off. The falling out was expected. My hair jumps ship under times of duress and great stress.Not unlike Ouiser’s dog Rhett in Steel Magnolias Nice. good think it’s already short and messy but it’s adding to my general funk-fest…

I keep ruminating on the Ex-Him’s New Her…it’s niggling in the back of my mind like a Wham lyric that won’t leave you alone...and I want it to go the hell away. Did a client from the bar yesterday who was talking about the New Her and she was very uncomplimentary. I haven’t said anything negative about her. My only comment was if that is really his type (and she is similar, very similar to his ex wife) then what the hell was he doing with me for all those years…she very earthy, no makeup…me fourteen bracelets at a time and as many layers of mascara every day. I own more lipsticks than underwear, so join me will you in an universal : “HUH????”

anyway, I want that out of my head. Other than burning some sage and doing a little dance, I’m out of ideas. Anyone???
that’s it for me. I’m going to riff offf of Chrome and go change out of these cranky pants and find some bracelets to wear.

huzzuah and happy thursday.

3 thoughts on “Point Effing Four-Ex Him Radio-FunkFest ’07

  1. O Canada is good for getting songs out of your head. I don’t know how it works on stupid women. How about you fill your head with pictures of George Clooney and the Pilot. That should crowd her out. Now my hair is cracking and breaking too. I’ve been using my regular conditioner and a leave in because I thought more would be better. Are you saying that my leave in might be the problem? Is there a leave in that won’t be a problem?


  2. my hair tends to turn white when I’m stressed. It’s weeeeeerd.I agree that “Oh Canada” does tend to drown everything out, inside or outside the head. And always remember to pronounce it “aboot” and not “about.”you gained .4?.4?Damn, girl, are you among some kind of nazi weight watchers cult that actually weighs you by the TENTH of a pound? Hell, I can gain four TENTHS of a pound just by WALKING BY a doughnut.Okay, I NEVER just WALK BY a doughnut.Wait. This isn’t about MEEEEE…..


  3. Ok. So we all agree O Canada is aboot the only thing that will work. got it. Will sing myself to sleep tonight. Kizz, depends on the conditioner. If it’s for damaged hair, it probably does have a lot of protein. I say with as fine a texture as you’ve got, just pick one and call it good. Don’t over do. Clemo it’s the WW as a whole that weighs like that. those scales are my Be-aaatch. On the other scale, if I’ve LOST point four, I’m hopping around like someone just crowned me Ms Miller Light. ehh. what the hell. and it can ALWAYS ALWAYS be aboot you. anytime. until it’s aboot me again.


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