Fall Fest Double Oh Seven

Tonight is the party! I’m really excited. It’s such a laid back, fun evening…wish all of you could join us. There are still a million things to get done but Wonderboy and his parents are arriving around noon today, so my Bro-in-Law will be a big help. Everybody PLEASE cross your fingers that my sis is upright and not vomiting. She hit 12 weeks in her pregnancy this week, and allegedly that is when the bleagh subsides…let’s just hope she can enjoy the weekend.

This time last year. . . it was this weekend (fall fest, not the exact date) that Dad and BonusMom announced they were splitting up. . . which means it was the last time I had fun with my dad. . . so many thoughts and changes looking back over the last year. Many of us thought we’d attended the final FallFest…alas it wasn’t so. This years will be even better!!!

I carved two pumpkins last night with those stencil thingies from pumpkin master or some such. It was kind of a pain in the neck, but the final product rocks! The gourds that were grown here, dried out and dremmeled into shrunken heads have been hung with the lights in their mouths…we’ll move those to the trees this evening and light the candles…I’ll take many pictures to post for you to enjoy as well.

I hope you are all having a great ending to a week, and looking to a easy relaxing weekend.

Chrome these shiny stars are for you. Wish upon them and know you are even more shiny and more beautiful.

One thought on “Fall Fest Double Oh Seven

  1. So wish I could be there, sounds like a rocking event. I’m glad you’re taking it back after last year’s bomb dropping. Can’t wait for the pictures!


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