Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Birthday Wishes

Oh me oh m!

Have just the most beautiful birthday posts to share with you. Go here and look at what that fabulous Chrome made for me.

When you’re finished laughing it up, go here and read the one from Kizz, who is in the photo display in the previous post.

So lovely. So amazing. I feel loved. By people who really know me. That is the greatest gift of all.

Thank you ladies.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Birthday Wishes

  1. You are welcome.I tried to call, but you phone was either off, or you were done taking calls for the day!Hope you had a wonderful weekend.And in the immortal words of my dearly departed Grandma, written in my 26th Birthday card, “Hang in there.”


  2. I just got your message yesterday!! I just now remember though that it went dead that night. must have been when you called. love love love you to bits! ‘hang in there’ still cracks me up.


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