He loves me! He really really loves me!

Got home today to find a delivery from my George. Beautiful flowers with beautiful words of love written to me on the card. The weekend could not have ended on a higher note. I think that his home office is in Ft.Worth and that my thanks should be forwarded to his people down there. Many many thanks. Sigh.

I saw that the boxed set of Ocean’s movies comes out on Thursday. I think I’m going to forgo buying some clothes with birthday money and buy myself that little piece of yummy.

Went up to the bar to watch my Colts get their butts whipped last night. Good grief. That was painful. Stayed in OKC at a friends because I just didn’t want to drive home so late. It was fine, but didn’t get much sleep so came home and crashed which in turn pushed back the date I had with the member of the social experiment. We met for coffee tonight. It was fine. Very chatty. Turns out I think I remember him from our time at USAO. He was a history major. Fine conversation, I think we’re going to go down to campus to see a professor in a show next month. Anyway, it was just fine. I’m glad I went. Meeting and greeting.

Cannot believe I only have TWO weeks left of my Maksim and Dancing with the Stars…Whatever will I do?

Tomorrow starts a new week. Work has been crappy lately. The drama can sometimes get to me, but I’m just steering clear from all the crap and keeping focused on my clients. It’s been a little like working in a Nazi camp though. Hopefully we’ll see liberation soon.

Ok gentle readers. That’s it for me. I’m not very prolific tonight. If you would like to read the best example of grace and dignity go read Kizz’s post about her surgery. The person to whom she’s speaking got a nice little lashing today, moreover in the comments section!

George and I say good night. Have a great evening.

2 thoughts on “He loves me! He really really loves me!

  1. Your boyfriend is so nice with the flowers. Did you read that he got in a tussle with Fabio the other night? They had to be separated physically and not in a yummy sweaty way!


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