Give him a Who! And a Ha! And a HaYah!

As per Gert’s file over at the CornerBoothAtHudsons, my boyfriend got into a bit if a tussle with Fabio. I”m pretty sure it was over me and I just want to say, “Fabio, you better check yourself when you open your big fat mouth like that.” Saying my George needs manners. This coming from a man who got his face smashed by a bird on a roller coaster? Need I say more.

I’m off to work. Hope you all have a fabulous day. Don’t forget to smile today. Next week is Thanksgiving, which means that life is moving way too fast. Too fast not to take some time to smile, and to remember I love George Clooney.

One thought on “Give him a Who! And a Ha! And a HaYah!

  1. Hello,Please upload the George Clooney picture to your own server or a free image host. You’re direct linking (hot linking) to and using up our server’s bandwith which we have to pay for.


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