I’m Baaaaaaaaaack

Morning kiddos….

First and foremost, many many many humble thanks for your support over the last week. I’m starting a new blog where I can freely speak of the subject. I will give you the address if you want to read it. Email me at mkaep at msn dot com and I’ll give it to you when it’s ready.

I must be out the door shortly, but first I want all of you to do the best damned goonie goo goo dance of your life for Kizz today. She’s having the nasty funk scraped off of her forehead this afternoon. She’s got great support in PonyExpress, great potential plans for live blogging, and a great new haircut to boot. She’s gonna rock it out, no worries. Send her some love over on her blog though. I know from experience, it makes your day to know other people out there are giving you a little portion of their day.

Tonight is Dancing with the Stars Finale. whatever will i do on Monday nights?

In other news, the best news of all in SPITE of this horrid wretched week, my sis is having a BOY!!! THAT THERE IS A PENIS!!! All is healthy. All the parts are there and look healthy. There are no special needs that show up. We’re all systems go and set to launch on or around April 15th.

That…..is the best news of all. I love you. I love Bonusmom for coming home. I will love the guy at promac when he gives me back my computer. Last but not least, I love George Clooney.

3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaaaaack

  1. All the better to see you with my dear! Bummed about the blog…its just geography! But its your Geography. Thursday night will probably be a Bin night for me if you are around.


  2. Y’know…….I SWEAR to GOD I can’t leave either you or Liz alone for ONE MINUTE without all HELL breaking loose!Give me a target! Come on! I’ll take the whole bunch of ’em!I’ll give ’em the old hit-hit-hitee!


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