I Mean It This Time…I’m back

Halakaleem!!! got the machine back and oh my LORD am I happy! It’s been possibly the craziest month of this shitty shitty bang bang of a year, and I can’t believe I didn’t get to blog it out. I missed so much. Our state had it’s 100th birthday. I have a post about that to put up. Thanksgiving came and went, I had so much to say about that but was so into my own drama I didn’t even call anyone to wish them blessings. I have been going out a lot, being social. Partly to keep myself out there and partly out of necessity and survival from work. I haven’t put up the work blog yet, maybe tomorrow. I know there are those of you out there that still don’t know the details and that sucks. Forgive that I didn’t call and get you up to date. The retelling of it, still, is so emotionally exhausting that I just had to stop. so, hopefully, tomorrow you can start emailing me and I’ll send you the blog address. I think that’s the best way to keep the bad people out.

So here’s another little fun fact. My jaw is locked. SHUT. I know I know, laugh, insert witty comment about how much i talk….but dude it hurts. HURTS!! It started doing this about 8 or so weeks ago, but it’s never been this bad before. Last time it was really sore and my teeth didn’t meet this time I can barely open my mouth, and I can’t really shut it either. Limbo. and pain. So have been eating ibuprofen like candy. The upside is, eating is difficult. I can only eat small bites, and it hurts, so eating for eatings sake is just out of the question. I may have to call my dentist gal pals and see if I need to come in for the doc to take a look.

Stormy Soprano got is furry behind kicked by something, and he hasn’t gotten any better so a visit to the vet is on the schedule for tomorrow. Lot’s to do.

Hey you guys, thanks for your kind words of support. Kizz, thanks for rallying the cyber troops and guest blogging and for my welcome home pressie/pic. Gert…my soul, these words made me bawl. These pictures made me howl. Thanks so much.

I hope to be back regularly, staying in touch, talking it out, blogging it out…man I have MISSED YOU!!!

3 thoughts on “I Mean It This Time…I’m back

  1. Oh, you’re welcome. I know that picture was a sort of bloggy violation but I had to do it. I couldn’t stop myself!That damn cat! He needs some anger management classes. Yay for you being back! Yay yay yay!Oh and really you MUST talk to Ulserad now. He’s had the jaw locking thing for YEARS. His usually locks open, actually and he has to go to the emergency room and it’s just awful, no warning or anything.


  2. Okay, so thats something new. much diferent than just having the finger twitch. Jaw? Have you been to the dentist? I love you dear. We will have to catch up soon. I have fallen off the radar into a pit of my own misery this week. Next week’s goal is to climb out of the pit. I have some stray pain pills if you need them. Text me tomorrow and I will bring them out!


  3. Ok Kizz, shoot me Ulserad’s email and warn him I’m coming a knockin’. gert…I’ll text tomorrow. I kind of felt like you fell this week and maybe just needed to be where you were. Tomorrow…a new week. I’ll come help you up. The jaw…it pops regularly, but this is horriffic. I think it’s from grinding at night. I haven’t been to dentist, but will call tammy Cook tomorrow if it doesn’t feel better. It’s hard to talk. it freakin hurts. I have some muscle relaxers that I’m going to gobble up and hit the sack..maybe just maybe it will unlock by the morning. so glad to be back!


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