Brain Freeze

There is no heat on the frontier. No propane. the “guy” is allegedly coming to fill the tank, but I don’t know when and bonus mom is gone for a week. We get freezing crap tonight, so it’ll going to get colder than a witches teat and I’m out of firewood. SO, as i sit here bundled up head to two, with my winter cap on inside, my plan is to finish work at 7, go to the gym, then to the grocery for a few provisions and buy some firewood. LOTS of firewood. Let’s all cyberlly cross our fingers that the propane guy comes.

Today is weigh in. I haven’t been as faithful as i would have liked this last week with the gym, but am shaking off the negative and focusing on the good that I have done. We will see. Numbers don’t lie…well sometimes they do….bastards.

I deleted someone from my phone yesterday. I feel strongly enough about this that I’m blogging about it. See, a few of you readers know the story. (Kizz, I’ll email you the details later. ) But after the weekend, I’ve decided to take out a certain phone number to avoid any further drunk texting/dialing/or just regular trying to touch base…all of the above are always ignored. ALWAYS ignored. and I’m tired of it. So…have you ever deleted anyone? Mgirl rotates the crap out of her numbers, but i never take anything out of it. Laziness and apathy on my part. What about you? do you cleanse the phone of resident evils?

Ok kids, I’ve got to get dressed and get to work. Have a great day! You are all one day closer to the weekend! Halakaleem and Huzzuah and I love George Clooney.

3 thoughts on “Brain Freeze

  1. Can I call the propane guy for you to make sure he comes?I never delete anyone off my phone. It’s a combination of lack of technical know how and hoarding. There is one exception to prove that rule and I’m pretty sure you know who he is.P.S. Waiting for that e-mail.


  2. I have done that as well. If its pulling you to the dark side and you are not happy… its wonderful that you have made the decision. I know that you are not into that kind of randomness anymore. Lack of feeling. I will reset my mind as well and support you. I will be at the Chi house, agh! I know but I caved because I love the alone time… but you are more than welcome to use me as base if you need to crash this next week. I would love to see you. I love you girl. Really love you. Thank you for your support of our darling girl.


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